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Drag me swathed in never mind.

I do not feel. I cannot feel.

Press me hard against the glass.

I do not break. I do bend.

Rattle my cage, feed the animal.

Pet me nice. I’m a good girl.

To and fro, stretch me thin.

I am gossamer whisps of never mind.

Been a minute since my last vent poetry sesh. Feels good every time.

Happy weekend everyone!

Cheers, Amy

Amy on writing

It’s Okay

Do you ever feel weird doing something that is purely just for you?

I feel like that all the time. Particularly as a parent.

Why do we feel that the moment we bring life into the world that ours no longer has value in its self? Why must we scrutinize simple pleasures and feel the need to justify to others, who never even asked, our reasons why? It’s okay to want.

Everyone always says that you have to take care of your self to care well for someone else. While I do absolutely think that’s true, why is actually doing it so hard?

After mulling over my plans and rescheduling it, I did it…Recently…. I did something for me. I went and sat for 3 hours doing absolutely nothing and came home with this and I love it. I’m happy I did it, it was just for me. It’s serves no other purpose. And that’s okay.

What was the last thing you did just for you?

Cheers, Amy

Amy on writing


Happy new year my WPs! Apologies for the unplanned Hiatus from the blog world. You know how it is. Holidays, family….All the schedule changes and then the difficult return to routine… especially the kids…So here I am returning to routine.

It’s one thing for me not to write every week. But it’s another to not read all of your wonderful posts. I’m usually so diligent. Every day with out fail I read. Now I am woefully weeks behind. So my apologies again. I missed ya.

So what is this culprit to the hiatus? Time. Always time. So since it’s the new year and goals are a thing. Let’s talk goals for the year.

First. I need to make more time for my projects. My blog!!!and my book.

I recently have been advised into another rewrite. It sucks. But I took time to process it and have some clarity now. I will post on that later.

Secondly- I plan do complete my rewrites and resubmits in a timely fashion.

3rd. I need to exercise. So basic I know. But at 37, my years of high school and collegiate sports will not ride forever. I will not succumb to Sciatica and carpal tunnel. I need to make time..

That word again. Time.

Anyhow. I can go on and on about health and fitness. But that may not be of interest here, but if it is, let me know in comments about your fitness and health goals. As well as any other goals for the year.

Let’s resolve together!



Amy on writing

Happy Holidays

When the world around us seems so upside down and doesn’t make sense, remember to stop and breathe. Relieve yourself of the troubles and focus in. For just a moment. Whatever it is. Your family, loved ones anything that reminds you to have hope and feel peace.

I wish this for you.

All the best, cheers Amy

This is my majestic dog Yoda. Enjoy.

Amy on writing

Amy’s Bad Advice #9

It’s worth what you Paid for it.

This long overdue piece of advice comes with a song and an important question. Heed friends! Heed!

There once was a troll,

Guarding a bridge,

He wouldn’t let you pass,

Until you did what he says.

And his special request,

goes something like this………..

Fuck the rest. You don’t need to cater to the asinine requests of a troll. Period.

But what should you do if you get trolled online?

This situation can’t be fun no matter where it happens, but when your professional website or blog gets bogged down by an online troll, it’s critical you deal with it in a way that doesn’t detriment the hard work you’ve invested in building your platform. My reaction is be the bigger person and react and engage with the person as kindly as possible, win them over as it were, despite how painful that might feel.

But when that doesn’t work, what do you do? Block them, erase everything and pretend it didn’t happen. Or just call them out and tell them to get a life and jog on?

Enquiring minds (mine) need to know!

What would you do?

Tell me all about it in the comments.

Cheers, Amy

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Here we are

Happy Holidays everyone!

I love this time of year, the traditions, decor, extended family. Awesome movies and baking shows, but it’s also a stressful time for many. For me it’s the self-imposed burning of both candle ends as I prepare to host my 4 Christmas’.

When I get stressed I always try to sit back a few minutes, maybe with an eggnog, watch my tree cast it’s glow around the room and the mist covering the California sun out my window and remember why I do it. Every year, without question.

It’s for the memories. Memories I hold and share and build with my little family.

What are your favorite holiday memories? Share with me in the comments. I am in deep need of all your warm and fuzzies…And anything hilarious is critically valued.

Cheers, Amy

Amy on writing

That’s My Jam!

Finding inspiration through music.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” ― Hans Christian Andersen

I’ve hit a number of writer blocks in the years since I began writing Capture the Tide. And an interesting thing I noticed, about myself, is it wasn’t so much that I didn’t have an idea. But I couldn’t find the mood. I remember driving in my car and listening to the radio. And this song came on, I liked it so much I bought it for a buck 29 on iTunes! Anyway, why did I like it….. as I listened, an entire scene unfolded in my head, it was everything I needed. I simply needed to feel the feeling, hear it, away from the sterile blue light of a computer screen. The intense rawness of new love, of being young and totally impetuous. It’s so easy to forget those feelings when your day’s full of toddlers or you’re feverishly typing notes into your phone between ballet classes and lunch time.

I should note that if you find yourself having those wondrous feelings, enjoy them, please don’t stop to write them down for fucks sake!