About Me

3DFE9B05-8A6B-4D9F-9632-1353E3C2133FCreativity takes courage.– Henri Matisse

I did an artist study my freshman year of highschool, my artist was Matisse.

Before this, I made very analytical drawings of flowers and people, scrutinizing the details till I hated every thing I made. But then, there was Matisse. His work opened this world for me, that art is more than perfect copies. Its an emotional, viseral connection with the world, it was that moment I knew I would be an Artist. An artist I became.

My name is Amy and I am a 30 something year old wife and mother of 2 beautiful girls. My little family is my world and my husband, my steadfast companion of nearly 20 years. But, when I’m just Amy, Amy at the root, I am an artist who must create.

I have a BFA in fine art and in my many entrepreneurial endeavors I have sold paintings in galleries and co owned an amazing boutique cake shop. But for the last handful of years I have been Mommy, an eclectic mommy who loves vintage vests, Harry Potter and bakes good dessert.

But as I began to focus exclusively on mom life, I found that the art finds a way out, (much like dinosaur life in Jurassic Park.) And 7 years ago, it found its way into creative writing, something I hadn’t done since elemetary school.

So here I am, 7 years later (great number) after a single weird dream and 1 sentence turned into a full 66,000 page novel. I also find myself the proud owner of a wordpress website and blog. I’m in this thing now.

I hope you’ll join me as I muse about life and endeavor to find an agent and publisher for my first novel CAPTURE THE TIDE, and the many other ideas I have should this one go well.

Cheers! Amy