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The Longest Year

I feel it’s been forever since I last posted here, because it has been. This is the longest damn year ever. And it’s only half done.

I miss being here and feeling like I have something to say. Something to share. I kept waiting for something amazing to happen, something to shout from the rooftops…

I have no such thing. And I’ve decided that’s okay. Being okay right now is okay. It’s the most okayist thing in the world. Are you okay?

I’m okay. I’m here without rooftop shouting news because in the end, it’s all about the journey. Welcome back on my ride.

To update, My querying redux started with a bang of requests and excellent feedback from agents… until Covid 19 swept over our nation. Then suddenly, my voice seemed too dark.

I can’t control this. This is bigger and more vital that any book. A lot of things are right now…

But I won’t give up either. On my 2 year blog-versary, I’ve come too far to give up. And this isn’t a race. I’ve stepped back to work on new stories and evaluate the right avenue for my publishing venture. One way or another, I’ll get there when I get there .

And I’m gonna be better about talking about it. Writing, as we all know, can be very isolating. Community makes us strong. I need to grab hold again and not let go. Words are too important.

Which leads to my last note in this long overdue update.

Words are important. More important? Voices that need to be heard.

I want to state, unequivocally, my support for Black Lives Matter. Although this is not my narrative, I will forever be changed by the magnitude of this moment. Silence is complicity, and I want to be a better ally to the Black Community. Nothing is more vital. We must do better. The future of humanity depends on it. So please-Do the work. Listen, learn, accept, speak up, stand.

To all my dear WPs, ✌️💛 from the bottom to the top.

Cheers, Amy

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11 thoughts on “The Longest Year”

  1. Great to hear from you!! I don’t Twitter much but I’ll follow you. So much I could say about this year, like you, but I just sigh and close the box. Hang in there sister!

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  2. It’s really great to see you again, Amy!!! Looking forward to more great posts! Sometimes the most profound and meaningful things to say are the sweet, simple and short things that easily and immediately reach out to the heart!! I have loved writing Elfchens for this reason. They force you to be simple but meaningful. And at the end of the day they are a great guard against writer’s block. Because every single day you can write something, even if it’s just an Elfchen.
    so here is a sample:

    Grab Hold Again
    By Charles Robert Lindholm

    Hold Again,
    And Take Us
    On Amy’s Wild, Wild

    To honor Amy’s decision to take us on the wild ride ahead!

    11 words 5 lines and the last word can’t be the same as the first. That’s it.
    Try it, My Dear!! I DARE You! LOL!

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      1. So Happy you are back! I think you will find Elfchens are fun to write and if you get used to writing them they will almost automatically start coming to you – stoplights, waiting in line, waiting on the phone for customer service etc. I like not having to just “Kill” time with those wasted activities.
        Have a great day, My Dear!!


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