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Amy VS The TBR 2

So many books, so little time.

This review is for the the engaging and artful Novella ~A MAP TO THE STARS By author, editor, and artist Ashley Hutchison— co-founder of Lost Boys Press.

Like the enigmatic artistry of Kintsukuroi, A Map to the Stars is a reminder of how malleable we are. Like beautiful ceramics, we are fragile, breakable, but as we repair, the cracks left behind make us more beautiful. Ashley Hutchinson’s novella is a unique and stunning journey of introspection. A true testament to the indomitability of spirit.

Like a symphony, this story is a movement. I recommend you read it as such, in one sitting. But don’t forget the tissues.

Cheers, until next time, Amy

Amy on writing

Amy VS The TBR

So many books, so little time.

With Ashfield Estate’s second round developmental edits safe with my editor, (not in a metal trash can set ablaze) Yay!

I’m finally tackling my TBR!!!

So today’s post is a review for the wonderfully weird, kind, and talented Stephen Black’s The Kirkwood Scott Chronicles: A New Jerusalem.

A must read.

Stephen Black’s The Kirkwood Scott Chronicles: A New Jerusalem is a rollicking romp through time, space, and genres! A little dystopian, a little historical, a lot of urban fantasy, and a pithy wink of dark comedy. This is a fantastic sequel To Skelly’s Square. The world is bigger, the stakes are higher and our merry band of heroes couldn’t be cheekier. I can’t wait for the third installment.

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Next up is Chad Ryan’s Ghost River. An extreme horror that mesmerizes as much as it terrifies.

I’m ready.

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Amy on writing

My first book review

This is my First book review here on

The book, by Author and blogger extraordinaire Stephen Black is called THE KIRKWOOD SCOTT CHRONICLES: SKELLY’S SQUARE

It’s a fantasy epic set in modern Belfast.

I hope you’ll take the time to check it out and then stop over on Amazon for your copy. No affiliate perks or paid reviews here, just my opinion.

You can also get to know Stephen and the Black family on their family blog

And now for the review-

What if your personal demons were real? Embodied in form, no longer irrational compulsions in your head? What if they had a name? That’s Augustus Skelly. A napoleonic war monger in the head of one Kirkwood Scott. A 20-something man just trying to make it to his next payday. Kirkwood lives a dull life. But as his ex-girl Natasha says, he’s a good man. But life with Augustus Skelly in the shadows makes his one goal in life to see the bottom of the next pint. That’s until he meets the haunting eyes of Meredith Starc, the self imposed street urchin escaping her own painful past. Together these two underdog heroes embark on the ultimate battle of good and evil. One that turns what you thought you knew about this classic trope on its head. Kirkwood and Meredith, along with a terrific mix of equally memorable characters evoke an unstoppable force against an ancient evil.

Thoughtful, beautifully paced and darkly funny, Kirkwood Scott is an Epic tale in the vein of the most beloved of fantasies.

I gave it 5 stars on Amazon!

Happy reading, Cheers, Amy