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As my query responses seem to lull at the pace of the changing seasons, I’ve finally dusted off my long dormant WIP.

Queue applause and accolades.

Skimming it, I’m glad to see that I’m still into it. Unfortunately it seems I’ve four versions of it. I attribute that to swapping between one drive mobile and pc only. But, after stitching sections together I have a decent first draft. Not too shabby, although I rue autocorrect. Rue it I say.

Now the challenge will be to see if I can be more electronically organized this time around. I’m looking at trello and scrivener as possibly tools. Tools used by far more experienced writers than myself. Or maybe I’ll just pants it. I realize that’s imprudent but I regard free form intuition as my most effective creative tool. (I’m also terrible with computers and a creature of handwritten habits.) But I digress…

How do you guys organize you’re WIPs. Inquiring minds need to know.

Cheers, Amy

8 thoughts on “WIP IT”

  1. I use a spreadsheet or Ingermanson’s Snowflake program to plan scenes and sketch characters. Then I change things willy-nilly and forget about updating the spreadsheet.
    I’ve thought about Scrivener, since so many people are fans, but I’d have to stop everything and learn how to use it. I gather it all has to be exported to Word anyway in the end, and I’d rather export as little as possible. Since I’m formatting for self-publishing and the Amazon templates are in Word, that’s complicated enough for me and I’d rather do as little converting as possible.


  2. Being the dullard that I am, Amy, I cock a snoop at any artificial editing program. More fool me, I know. Instead I rely on a couple of trusted friendly contacts I’ve made through the ages of blogging. We swap manuscripts with each other and have an honest ‘hit me hard cos I can take it’ attitude to our reviews. It’s time consuming, but fun to do and while I don’t suppose we catch 100% of each others technical errors (I cite the typos in my book despite 100’s of self-reads), the advantage is that we can make suggestions which no software can do. Hope this helps.

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    1. Honestly I think thats the smart way to do it Martin. I’m looking to better organize but I’m truly a creature of habit. Perhaps I’ll slide into something in between. And yes it does help. Thank you. Hope the book is going well. 😊


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