Amy on writing

Querying: Redux

Digital art for CAPTURE THE TIDE by me.

I live!!!!! Yes WPs. I’m here, living like a writer and balancing it all like I know you all understand!

Update: I completed a full revision of my novel CAPTURE THE TIDE, including changing my POV from 3rd to 1st person. This was a massive, time consuming task and I couldn’t be more grateful for my amazing editor. I’m already seeing some great feedback from agents, including some requests!

I hope to continue striking balance and being more active here again soon. Hopefully with some more great news!

Wish me luck!

Cheers, Amy

17 thoughts on “Querying: Redux”

    1. Hi Martin! I’m trying. I hope to post something here steady once a month. But fit more time in to read blogs regularly because I miss it! I know it seems crazy but my editor friend is very talented and has several published authors who swear by her work. I am getting agent requests and great feedback so I know it was worth it. Crazy yes, but worth it.

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