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It is done…

Capture The Tide, a tale of survival, hope and love in a post apocalyptic world is ready to ROCK!!!

Finally! After 6 months I am finally, officially ready to start shopping my book again. I assembled my query letter and my R and R and it’s on. Game time.

By the end of the week I will be a querying writer again. It feels good.

I will update again in a few days, yes a few days. I know. So unlike me but I actually have something to talk about again. Yay!

Cheers. Amy

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Bittersweet spangles

As the sun sets here in America, America will blow out its candles with all the grandeur and hoopla of a toddler.

Because America, as we know it, is a child. An infant in the broader sense; Ignoring the the wisdom of its native elders and its cousins across the sea.


Because children make mistakes, children must be nurtured to learn and grow. Turning your back on a child is like turning your back on the ocean. Stupid. Don’t do it.

For every two steps forward children always manage to take a few steps back. But they get there. With love and guidance, children get there.

America is a child. It needs love and guidance to grow.

It will take all of us to to guide it right.

From one parent to another.

Happy 4th, Amy

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I Hear Them Coming

As I near the end I hear them. The heat on my proverbial pen grows cold, and soon it will hold only the memory of warmth if I don’t respond.

It’s all in my head now and I hear them, speaking as they do or might. Speaking as I wish. Carefully mulling their inflections, intentions, desires.

Who are they? These people who speak inside my head? Fleshing themselves out, becoming.

It’s a good sign I think, the incessant chatter that fills the void as their predecessors stories come to an end. Does it mean I’m ready perhaps? To take my darlings, who’ve survived beyond the mighty pen and cast them into a cutthroat world where the first words they utter could be their last.

I’ve given them everything I have to ensure their survival and I’m ready to let them go. Will they make it? Will I?

They are only words they say, but it is I they speak to, I am all they have. And they are as real to me as anything. I don’t want to let them down.

They are me and I am them, these voices that crave the imprint of forever in ink and paper. To speak through my fingers in clicks and taps, hunts and pecks.

I’m almost ready, keep talking. We’ll get there soon enough.

*If you read between the melodramatic lines I hope you’ll smell what we’re stepping in here….

I’m done! I finished my rewrite of CAPTURE THE TIDE!

Baring the completion of a very critical beta read from a very exceptional WP blogger, I’m ready to get my book out there again. Send my R and R, Query it, whatever it takes. I’ve given it everything I have and I feel good.

So good that other WIPs MCs are conversing nonstop in my head ready to be told.

Come! Bask in my glory and tell me of your latest accomplishments. Toot some horns!

Cheers, Amy

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I said I would…

So I did….

I ran a 5k!

Well, I didn’t run the whole thing.

It was a 5k fun run called the Muddy Princess and it was a blast!

It was 90f degrees, wet and dirty.

I’m usually an observe with brew type, particularly when it involves things like running, or water, but I’m so glad I did this.

I’ve walked a few marathons for fun before, like the Bay to Breakers 😝and a few others. But my goal for this one was to keep up with my 9 year old soccer girl and I did!

We ran, we hiked up hill, climbed and crawled through obstacles and mud all in the name of fun and female solidarity.

Our group included sisters, friends, daughters and even one grandma (the most enthusiastic of us all!)

None of us were particularly excited about the run once we were in the car at 830 am on a Sunday, already 85 degrees.

All of us kept asking who’s idea it was, and how it sounded good two months ago. Now, on the way, we were all wondering if we should just blow it off and go to brunch instead. (I was not opposed).

But I’m so glad we went through with it. Every one of us had the best time. A few struggled though obstacles, from both fear of heights and pure difficulty, but everyone was so supportive. We cheered for others and they cheered for us. We laughed, slapped each other with more mud, squished in our shoes and carried on.

And at the end we got a shiny medal, a gift bag of girly swag, filthy hugs with hi 5s and the best memories.

I’ll never forget it.

I just might even do it again.

Me and my girl.

Would you mud run for fun?

Tell me about it😎

Cheers, Amy

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By the Power of Greyskull!

It’s summer….

How did this happen?

Like everything else, time moves us, shoves us. Sometimes against our will… alas. It is inevitable.

So let’s make do shall we?

In a whirlwind of end of school shenanigans I have found myself at the precipice of another summer vacation. Something I never seem to be wholly prepared for. Flat out denial perhaps?

My goals for this summer are to complete my rewrites on my book:


(currently thru chapter 19)

And start shopping it again to agents and publishers.

Pretty much just like last year. Sigh.

Also on the agenda-

work with my Ness-monster’s reading. She is going into first grade. Gonna be a big girl.

…and my 9 year old, Booboo chicken, my goal is to keep her busy brain busy without exploding our house.

We have science camp, swim lessons and soccer. I also plan to have her be a junior helper at daycare. Keep that boss baby bizay!

  • What are your plans this summer? Inquiring minds need to know!
  • Cheers, Amy
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    Amy’s Bad Advice #11

    It’s worth what you paid for it.

    Welcome back to another Amy’s Bad Advice. It’s been a while, so I thought the perfect post would be an airing of grievances!

    A festivus for the rest of us, if you will, in the fine vein of

    Mr. Costanza.

    Specifically. Let’s talk don’ts. And there are many. Especially with me.

    But here’s the top hits-

    1- Don’t make me fear for my civil liberties.

    2- Don’t tell me the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones came out of left field.

    3- Don’t tell me how pretty I look, especially more than once.

    (Talking to you mother)

    4- Don’t ask me where I put your whatever until you check the pantry.

    5-Don’t pretend 45 has redeeming qualities. Own your shortcomings.

    I think that’ll do it for this installment. I feel so much better. How bout you?

    Let’s Commiserate!

    Share your own in the comments!

    Until next time,

    Cheers, Amy