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I am Querying #8

Hey WPs. Another quiet week here at Amy’s email refresh party.

Waiting is the absolute worst. I thought I’d get a few responses this week but it’s been crickets.

To busy myself I’ve expanded my platforms.

I’m on Twitter. I know. I never thought I’d say that but….Writers congregate on twitter. I’m a writer, therefore I must congregate.

So come tweet me on the Tweeter !


Cheers, Amy

26 thoughts on “I am Querying #8”

    1. It was begrudging. Believe me. I’ve never had any social stuff. Not ever. But i need to build a platform for my book. Got to commit all the way or what’s the point right? Especially if I end up self publishing.

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  1. Hi Amy, I tried Twitter for a little while but the I found the format confusing and too much abbreviation, that was not really poetry to me… No more twitter for me…
    And thank you for kindly liking my poem, and I like your site..
    I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings and from, Geelong, Australia. Cheers. Ivor.

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  2. Hello Amy,
    I noticed that you just signed on as a ‘follower’ to our blog? And I should probably say ‘thank you’? However, we did notice your visit on July 29th this year. And in a hope that you’d be back soon, we did register your profile, thus – not as a ‘follower’ (That’s your decision!)
    Through the whole of August we published a large number of posts, but – not being a ‘follower’, they might have passed you by? Checking out your blog I can’t find much that would indeicatre an interest for photography, travels nor tourism, but I’ll give you the benefit of doubt and have you stay on our mailing lists for another 30 days. Only please remember that you will have to show some activity that you are really there. If not, my electronic guard dogs will surely sniff out your profile along with others that are not really ‘followers’.
    So – I wish you welcome! All likes will be appreciated and all comments will be responded to!
    Please enjoy!

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      1. The time squeeze! Yes, haven’t we all got that same problem? And our lives are filled with priorities and choices to make! You don’t have to be a ‘follower’ to enjoy our pictures. That you may do at any time you find the time, However, when you ask us to send you an ‘alert message’ whenever we post something new (‘follower status’), it’s kind of nice to see that people are really there and that they have enjoyed our pictures.
        You may have notice that some blogs seem to have 5000 ‘followers’ or more? An illusion!
        If they made the comittment to check on the whereabouts of each one, They’d be shocked to find that they have probably no more than 300! We’ve checked ours! And we’ve deleted all that wasn’t really there, thus we have today less than a hundred! Which is the way it will work in the future. If we have seen no activity or respons in about 30 days in spite of having sent alerts on every occasion they will be lifted from our mailing lists!

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  3. When you register as a follower to any blog on th net, Amy, it entiles being alerted whenever something new is published. It’s the same everywhere on the net. Some don’t bother to monitor their followers (since it’s an automatic service) and will in time end up with thousands that are not really there, We do!


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