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By the Power of Greyskull!

It’s summer….

How did this happen?

Like everything else, time moves us, shoves us. Sometimes against our will… alas. It is inevitable.

So let’s make do shall we?

In a whirlwind of end of school shenanigans I have found myself at the precipice of another summer vacation. Something I never seem to be wholly prepared for. Flat out denial perhaps?

My goals for this summer are to complete my rewrites on my book:


(currently thru chapter 19)

And start shopping it again to agents and publishers.

Pretty much just like last year. Sigh.

Also on the agenda-

work with my Ness-monster’s reading. She is going into first grade. Gonna be a big girl.

…and my 9 year old, Booboo chicken, my goal is to keep her busy brain busy without exploding our house.

We have science camp, swim lessons and soccer. I also plan to have her be a junior helper at daycare. Keep that boss baby bizay!

  • What are your plans this summer? Inquiring minds need to know!
  • Cheers, Amy
  • Amy on writing, on writing and kids

    More than me

    Welcome to another Vent-sesh poetry for the terminally stressed.

    This session, instead of inflicting y’all with self-critical frustration in the form of poetry, I thought I would share an ode to the most important things in my life…

    My daughters… my gifts, my treasures. My greatest accomplishment.

    More Than Me-

    Better than me.

    Better than us.

    Better than anything we wanted to be.

    Harder, faster, stronger, longer.

    Every choice,

    leads to the next.

    Be the change, don’t ever hold back.

    Sharper, keener, deeper, dreamer.

    Everything you want,

    everything you are,

    is exactly what I want you to be.

    Cheers, Amy

    Amy on writing, on writing and kids

    A story maybe you haven’t read…

    The words of Roald Dahl.

    As a mother and child care provider, this a subject deeply important to me. I don’t often discuss polarizing subjects on the blog, so if this offends you in any way…

    Sorry, not sorry.

    Because I care.

    Cheers, Amy

    Amy on writing, on writing and kids

    Amy’s Bad Advice 6


    New advice, new season, new hair, new uncanny bitmoji. It’s still worth what you paid for it.

    When you say Yes! I say No! Yes!…

    No. Hells no.

    Why I’m saying no to the “Yes” day and why I would advise you to do the same.

    The “Yes” day, ever heard of it?  This post might seem more geared for parents with younger kids, but maybe you’re a grandparent or have other family or friends to bestow this bit of controversial advise on.

    So, the “Yes” day. What is it? It’s a an idea based on a book aptly named, you guessed it:


    And frankly, I’m not sure the “Yes” day de jour that has hit celebrity parents and their Insta accounts by storm has anything to do with this jolly little book but essentially, the purpose is to have one scheduled day a year when you say yes to every request your child makes.

    “Can I have ice cream for dinner? ”


    “Can I stay up late and eat more ice cream?”


    Now most parents do put some restrictions on requests prior to the day. These restrictions are usually a price cap on activities and/or a cap on how far one can travel.  Otherwise, everything else is on the table.

    You get it right? So what’s so bad about a special day where you cater to every whim of your young child? A Lot in my opinion. Kids don’t know what they want, or what’s best for them, that’s why we make decisions for them and these “Yes” days really seem like an excuse to eat absolute garbage all day long. And if these kids are anything like my kids, they probably end up with a tummy ache from too much sugar. But aside from being an excuse to eat candy and sweets all day, there is something more fundamentally terrible about granting your childs every request one day a year…it’s another way for attention needing parents to grandstand on their social sites and to spoil children that more than likely are too privileged as it is. And the bragging they do after? Man. It would probably be brutal to friends whose families do not have the means to support frivolity.

    So if appeasing the next generation of self-indulgent jerks isn’t a strong enough reason to say no to the “Yes”, consider this: Why do you feel that this day is necessary at all?

    Being a parent is all about striking balance and raising humans with grace and humility. We want to create good people, I hope. Instead of granting one day to appease your childs every whim why not start now with something simple. Spend time with them. Kids are so simple in their needs. They just want you.  Play board games with them, read, play video games or ride bikes, and make sure that you do say yes sometimes, even when no would be so much easier.

    The biggest thing for me as a parent is making sure that I never say no to something simply because it is inconvenient to me. “I don’t want to” is not a good reason to say no to your child. If something interferes with existing rules, boundaries, plans or ability then a no is totally acceptable.  Kids need to know that the world does not rise and set out of their ass. They need to know that their feelings are important but what they want must be earned. And its a lesson you can teach every day. Reward and acknowledge your childs good behavior, little things that perhaps stand out, just to you. My youngest daughter always shares her treats with everyone, without asking, without question. It’s the sweetest thing in the world to me, and I always let her know that I noticed and tell her she’s awesome.

    So whats the point of all this? Yes day, No day, the point is that you don’t need to have a “Yes” day to create wonderful memories for your child, you just have to be there for them, don’t let any one elses shenanigans tell you what kind of parent you are. I know what kind I am.

    This concludes Amy’s Bad Advice for the first week of October. Boo! See above quote for its value. But lets talk about it, I do love our repartee.

    SO is it a yes or a no for you?

    Cheers, Amy

    on writing and kids

    Are you not entertained?

    –Maximus, Gladiator

    Keeping your school-aged children entertained during summer break is by far, one of the most challenging parenting jobs there is.

    I found this excellent article on Pinterest and thought I’d share:

    Not only will you keep your kids wandering brains sharp this summer, but what a wonderful way to connect with them over your mutual love of reading? I’ve already set my sights on number 3.