Amy on writing, on writing and kids

By the Power of Greyskull!

It’s summer….

How did this happen?

Like everything else, time moves us, shoves us. Sometimes against our will… alas. It is inevitable.

So let’s make do shall we?

In a whirlwind of end of school shenanigans I have found myself at the precipice of another summer vacation. Something I never seem to be wholly prepared for. Flat out denial perhaps?

My goals for this summer are to complete my rewrites on my book:


(currently thru chapter 19)

And start shopping it again to agents and publishers.

Pretty much just like last year. Sigh.

Also on the agenda-

work with my Ness-monster’s reading. She is going into first grade. Gonna be a big girl.

…and my 9 year old, Booboo chicken, my goal is to keep her busy brain busy without exploding our house.

We have science camp, swim lessons and soccer. I also plan to have her be a junior helper at daycare. Keep that boss baby bizay!

  • What are your plans this summer? Inquiring minds need to know!
  • Cheers, Amy
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