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A story maybe you haven’t read…

The words of Roald Dahl.

As a mother and child care provider, this a subject deeply important to me. I don’t often discuss polarizing subjects on the blog, so if this offends you in any way…

Sorry, not sorry.

Because I care.

Cheers, Amy

11 thoughts on “A story maybe you haven’t read…”

  1. I admit that not all of my kids have been vaxxed. But reading your post and then doing a little reading online about how measles is still alive and well in foreign countries and being brought back into America, I am now considering getting the vaccine. Roald Dahl is one of my favorite authors. I didn’t know this about his daughter.

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    1. I really appreciate your response to this. It truly Means a lot to me. And I admire you, homeschooling a brood of such cool kids deserves all the accolades!
      I also understand that the choices we make for our family are deeply personal and always with the best intentions. And from my standpoint, I just want to share and educate. As a child care provider I feel a lot of responsibility. We are mandated reporters after all. And I just want what is best for all kids. And I believe vaccination is a critical part of that. Thanks again for taking the time to read Roald Dahl’s account. And feel free to share it. It takes 80 percent of a population to keep these diseases eradicated or at bay with herd immunity. The less people vaccinate, we lose this protection.

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  2. Back when my kids were small it was almost automatic that they had their jabs. Scare campaigns do infuriate me because they rarely do the maths – and where the maths has already been done they don’t report it. If you decide to risk it for your children, I guess that’s your affair – and theirs – but don’t turn it into a religion.

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    1. That’s such a good point! The most ardent of the lot spread misinformation like wildfire and it puts families trying to make important decisions at risk. Thanks for the dialog, the most important take I hope, will be to self educate, ask questions and have healthy dialog with everyone. 😀


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