Amy on writing

A Little R n R

I’d love to say that I’m talking about a little rest and relaxation, but I’m not…

I’m talking revise and resubmit.

It’s not the worst thing a writer can hear, but it ain’t my favorite either.

A revise and resubmit is when an agent likes your work but your work isn’t ready. All agents do a bit of editorial work and coaching. But when it’s more than just a few tweaks, they might request an R and R… if they don’t just reject you.

This is predicated on how much they like your concept and what not. Most of the time, even if an agent requested your full and loved the idea, they will reject you if your writing isn’t up to par.

An R and R is light years above a rejection. Especially when it’s your dream agent.

And here is Amy… between a rock and a For-fucks-sake-do-I-have-it-in-me-to-do-this-again place? Painstakingly rewrite my book, change my POV, remove backstory…Forsake all other things in life like home cooked dinner and laundry? All in the bleeding hope of getting that call, that sweet wondrous phone call, where said dream agent tells me they love my book and graciously want to offer me representation, champion me and ultimately sell my book.

Do I have it in me? I want to, I really want to, but it’s so all consuming, so intense I almost just let it all go. ( you may have noted an absence recently…)

Well I’m still here, that’s a start.

Cheers, Amy

14 thoughts on “A Little R n R”

    1. Aw thanks. I absolutely could self publish. But my excuse is it simply isn’t my vision. I want to traditionally publish. I’ve actually only queried 22 agents. And they say you should query 100. So I’m not out of the game yet in terms of options. Just in terms of how much a glutton for punishment I am. I guess it comes back to the idea of feeling selfish continuing. I’ve worked as an artist, ran a small business and when I didn’t feel it was beneficial to my family. I let it go. With writing I see a balance to be struck, but I struggle to harness it.

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  1. I have never tried to publish a book. It seems like a very difficult process! It’s amazing that so many books are published! And so many bad ones! Maybe keep sending it out before you do all the RnR. If you’re not feeling it now, maybe shelve it for awhile. I wish you the best as you work through this! If it was me, at this point in my life, I’d probably just go for a hike. 😀

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