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Going Deep

One of the suggestions I received for my manuscript revision was an interesting one. I had to look into it deeper.

What is deep POV?

Most of us know that POV means point of view. In writing fiction, you usually decide whether you will write in 1st, 2nd or 3rd person. 2nd person being super uncommon.

(In fact. The only example I can think of is the Netflix series You. Anyone??)

I am most comfortable writing in 3rd person. I love classic literature and it feels natural to write in this generally traditional format.

Unfortunately, it ain’t hip.

People have become accustomed to something more intimate, immediate. First person gives you that, but to be more omnipotent, 3rd person is where it’s at.

So what do you do? You go deep. Deep POV.

This is my mission. To change my 3rd person limited narrative into a deep POV story that sucks you into the mind of the protagonist, it’s no longer a story about the hero. You are the hero. The hero with the power to see through both your own eyes in real time, without losing those beautiful narrative moments that only the all knowing can provide.

Seems daunting doesn’t it?

It is, that’s why I’m sitting around drawing blanks and not writing anything. Even the blog is suffering. I haven’t given you guys bad advice in weeks!

Whatever will you do with out it?

Anyway, what are your thoughts on narration? What do you prefer to read in? Or write?

And do you have any tips for me? I’m in the shallows here, I need to jump. Help Me!

Cheers, Amy

20 thoughts on “Going Deep”

  1. I am so out of practice when it comes to writing anything fictional. Supposedly 2019 is the year for the intimate and “story” behind the story. Authenticity. I am beginning to dispise that word but maybe knowing that is the fad right now could help?.?.?

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  2. I’m with you – prefer to read and write in third person narrative. But when I wrote a blog piece about the recent death of one of our dogs (which will have made no-one feel better but me) I it was, of course in first. then I went back and re-worked it in present tense, and it made everything sound more real. So now I do at least consider alternatives (a story where I wanted to conceal the gender of the protagonist till the end had to be first person POV).
    You’ve nailed deep third person if you think of your sentence as if it were being experienced rather than related (eg.’Looking out of the window at the beautiful sunset, she felt his hand on her back and shuddered. She wondered how she could get out of this’ becomes ‘Through the window the sun was setting in glorious technicolour when his hand on her back made her shudder. how could she get out of this?’)
    OK – not stunning prose, but you get the idea… loose ‘felt’, ‘saw’, ‘thought’, and just feel, see and think it.

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      1. it’s a pig, isn’t it? – having to start again with something you thought you’d finished :(.
        But the good news is, you have a story somebody thinks is worth the work! Storytelling is where I struggle.
        Good luck with it.

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      2. It is. And I 100 percent trust the opinion of the agent. She is the real deal and my number one. You’re right tho. That is very positive. My concept is well received but my writing is still amateur.


  3. Amy. Nothing wrong with third person whatsoever. Stick to your gut and yell ‘poke it’ to the first person prannies. First person limits the scope and second person is just plain bonkers. My three pennys worth is that you must write for you. I’ve great faith in that if your stuff is good enough for you, be it 1st, 2nd or 675th person, then it’s perfect for us many Amyphiles out here. I’d take POV to mean ‘P*ss off, Voyeur’ and write just what you want to write in the way you want to write it. My stories (and I don’t really care if anyone loves ’em or not) are mainly (not always) third person because I consider myself a ‘story teller’ and sometimes it just suits best.

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    1. Thank you. 😀. I think it has something to do with my introversion. I am an observer, which lends to the storyteller quality as you say. I’m hoping to find some kind of balance between these two 3rd POVs.
      And welcome back to WP. It’s been a while. 🤔

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    1. Thanks Stephen. I really appreciate that. How’s it going for you? Probably just waiting still huh? Waiting’s the worst. I was going to mention and just remembered, you should query bookends lit. They love unique fantasy/scifi. And they are fairly quick responders too.

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    1. It’s one of the best resources for a querying writer. It has a community forum of other writers who will help with your first 5 and with query’s as well as a database of tons of agents and their stats. You can use their excel like system to categorize and track your agents and their response timelines. And more. Really. It’s the best.

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