Amy on writing

I am Querying #6

Another day and I’m still at it.

The count is

4 rejections

11 live.

I kind of went query happy and shot out more than my live goal amount.

But that’s okay. More to agonize over right? Who doesn’t love that.

I’m having some thoughts about things too. Thinking and what not. A dangerous pass time I know…

More on these thoughts later. But I’ll give you a hint: Comps man, comps.

Until next time…

Cheers, Amy

5 thoughts on “I am Querying #6”

  1. These days I’m finding I already have a short story that will fit (with tweaks) into some of the competitions that arise. Who knows, with the tweaks one may even be good enough to get placed in one.
    it’s interesting though, that I always find tweaks to apply…

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