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I am Querying #5

Hey my WPs. I have some reportin’ to do. I meant to do it yesterday but my incessant preoccupation with lurking on twitter has prevented me from functioning like a functional human.


But there is a reason for my madness. You might say my preoccupation is as helpful as searching for the Muffin Man on Drury Lane. But. I am making an agent list. And in this modern technological age, the best way to learn about agents tastes and interests is on Twitter.

Writers gotta write after all.

So as overzealous as I’m being about it, which is perfectly in character for me, I feel like I’m collecting a very educated list of viable agents for my book. Which is definitely a good thing.

It also gives me a break from refreshing my inbox. Also a good thing.

Oh. And now the report…

Current count:

3 rejections

6 live

Wish me luck. Thanks for reading.

Cheers, Amy

11 thoughts on “I am Querying #5”

    1. You said I must! It’s my name but with a 4 on it. But I’m not really “ON” I’m actually really just stalk/lurking. Not tweeting. It’s funny because I’m definitely introverted and soft spoken but not quiet. I run my mouth all the time but I’m not there yet on the tweeter. I type things and delete them. Apparently It’s the filter I never had….so it’s a recon mission. Unless something cool happens.

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