Amy on writing

Capture the Tide

My book, my book. Capture the Tide by Amy Westphal…

The entire purpose of this blog, it’s very existence is for the sake of this book.

But where is it?

It’s been almost a year since I began platforming here on WordPress and I feel that I’m almost back to where I started. Not what I hoped. I’d rather be singing about a book deal.

But that is life. If it were easy, everyone would do it. As they say.

Nearly a year ago I finished writing Capture the Tide. A literary leaning narrative about a young woman surviving and coming of age in a post apocalyptic world.

I had it edited and I shopped it. Then I reworked it and shopped it again. 22 agents. All rejects except one R and R maybe.

And there I stayed. For some time.

Today I am rewriting my book. On Page 20 to be exact. My focus has been to embrace the YA. Remove my author voice and find the characters voice, be more immersive in her experience, in the moment, rather than telling a story about her.

This is proving difficult. My nature is to tell stories and read old books. Old books often focus on the classic third person narrative. We are onlookers. But today!

Today people want in, be in their head. Not first person style where the protagonist is unreliable and limited in their language.

Deep 3rd person allows the author to be both deep and shallow to suit the story. It is weaving of the most difficult fabric. And I am woefully out of my league.

But I am learning, I’m studying. I’m trying.

Kind of drowning here.

But I’m in this thing.

Wish me luck, I love it.

Cheers, Amy

Art, As usual, by me.

37 thoughts on “Capture the Tide”

  1. I hate to see you in this predicament… and I completely understand your desire to be published traditionally.. but I think you’d spare yourself time, money and sanity doing a self publish. 😕 don’t hate me..

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      1. You’re a tough cookie and a glutton for punishment lol!!

        I still support you.. avid reader of your blog. Can only imagine what your book is like!

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      1. I could really use the help if you’re sure. Even just to see if I’m moving in a good direction. I’m not sure I’m not making things worse at this point. Only 18 pages.


  2. If you think it will benefit from deep 3rd POV, it probably will. You know this book better than anyone, and you wouldn’t be going to all that trouble if you didn’t think it would improve it. How do the edits compare with the pre-edit? See? After all, you’ve had a year’s experience to hone your reading skills.
    I’m a terribly unobservant scanner, but even I’m noticing the difference in what I notice once I’ve tried a technique myself.
    I try to write in deep 3rd (although I forget sometimes and bring in something from outside – but it gets easier.. really).
    I also thought I’d never write in first person POV because I prefer to read narrative, but having tried it, I now see the point – sometimes.
    Hang on in there.

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    1. In some ways I feel I have a better eye. Although I am too close to the material sometimes. Do you find moving from deep POV to regular 3rd within the narrative too jarring? Or do you think it can weave well? I’m trying to weave.

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    1. Thank you. It is hard. But ultimately my choice. I respect the perspective and opinion of the agent and truly believe in the direction it’s going. And I wasn’t getting anywhere before so. Theres that. Lol

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