Amy on writing

I’ve done it!

No, not that. Well, I did a little of that ….

But this isn’t about my book, which is moving into its 8th chapter of rewrites. Hurray!

No, I’ve gone and cleaned off my treadmill, and I walked on it, for thirteen minutes, on an incline.

Chime the bells! I exercised.

It is a historic day.

I am a beast, I plan to do it again today. Maybe I’ll even jog this time.

Wish me luck 😬

Cheers, Amy

19 thoughts on “I’ve done it!”

  1. I have one of those. I was enthusiastic at first, but it’s been used once in the last six months. I must steel myself to get back in the habit. It’s only a few minutes (I can’t cope with more). I hate exercise – it’s so bo-oring, when I have other things to do… like dusting the fireplace 😦

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      1. Does that work? I’ve really considered letting my doofus of a mini bull terrier take a jaunt on it. He’s so senile now I think it would suffice for a real one now and then.


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