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It is the First of April

On this day of pranks I will instead share a list of today’s grievances. Some may even call it a Festivus for the rest of us.

This wonderful idea is from the fabulous and sharp

And now the airing of grievances!

1- plates left next to the sink neither rinsed, washed or without the bare minimum of putting water on it.

2- people asking me to smile, as If I live to serve your fancy.

3- parents who don’t vaccinate because of what they read on Facebook.

4- people who start conversations with “Did you see that thing on Facebook?”

5- Facebook in general

6- Number 45

And now for a life changing video.

Jk. Always wanted to rick roll y’all.

Happy April Fools

Cheers, Amy

34 thoughts on “It is the First of April”

  1. Ha! Thank you, Amy, for the ‘fabulous and sharp’ thang. However, I’m not SO sharp, as it turns out! On reading my name here, I realised that my blog address IS my name. I’d forgotten that I’d used my real name… duh @ me. (It’s my age. I started this blog before The Change hit)

    And I haven’t written a ranty list in a while, although I was JUST discussing THAT with Kindra yesterday. Now I have another gripe to add to my next list:

    Your blog is set to Hidden? So, if you Google your name, it won’t “find” you right away…right?

    #DeepSigh #SmileItMayNeverHappen


    1. Nice. I tried to keep all my stuff public. Against my personal nature but the blog is for the promotion of by book in infinite production. I think j can search myself and find my website though? Maybe not. I’m not too savvy


  2. Ok. Now I’m on page 7. It’s draining turning my 20th century style 3rd person limited into a new age deep 3rd du jour. eliminating italic thought. Backstory! What did you do with your backstory? ? I’m disinclined to ax it completely.

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    1. Lol. Ok, and did u edit it down? Or just keep it. Im trying to edit it down and keep it. Thanks. My mc is alone in the beginning. The backstory weaves in and is gone within the first 50 pages. It was suggested I had too much.

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  3. I’ve trimmed it back but I think it could be edited even further. Without the backstory being explained in some detail, the subsequent actions of my MC make no sense. Oh if only you’d been my beta this would be easier to explain 😂

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    1. A lot of agents have pre readers that reject for not following directions, wrong genre or just some glaring pet peeve. So I do thing they are “seen” if they pass the reader. However. Agents may not go past the query and if they do, they stop reading pages as soon as their interest drops. I find it plausible for an agent to legit 24 hour reject based on these factors.

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