Amy on writing

Now What?

Now that I’m caught in this nebulous r and r thing, you know, deciding when to start rewrites and when to complain more about them, I really needed something else to think about.

So what does an Amy do?

I’m an artist I say, so I create.

Here’s some of my little projects. Distressing old outdated furniture is the tops. Really fun and so relaxing.

I came across the idea when We decided to update the house instead selling it (what a hassle!) and I’m so grateful. This is much better. and Now I have another hobby I don’t have time for.

(I suppose a before and after pic would have been smart. So just imagine beat up and orangey brown wood 🙃)

So these ones are done. I love the turn out, what do you think?

At this point I’m either gonna paint my whole house or start writing. I should probably start on the writing.

What do you do when you’re not doing the thing you’re supposed to do?

Cheers, Amy

15 thoughts on “Now What?”

  1. Oh, I’m pretty good at talking-down distressed furniture and returning it to it’s pallid flat-pack self. Maybe we should go into business, Amy? Apart from that, I’m into all waste-of-times in life, (I write, draw and tend vegetables) – except golf, which is my nemesis, along with milk-based puddings and drivers who don’t put their headlights on in the dusk. Oh, and printers.

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    1. That would be nice. My buffet table has been all a-dither since the paint job and could use a talking down, I can’t take another tray being tossed back at me. I too hate printers. But love pudding. Isn’t pudding all dessert in the U.K.? Because I like all of it, milk and otherwise.


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