Amy on writing

Now What?

Now that I’m caught in this nebulous r and r thing, you know, deciding when to start rewrites and when to complain more about them, I really needed something else to think about.

So what does an Amy do?

I’m an artist I say, so I create.

Here’s some of my little projects. Distressing old outdated furniture is the tops. Really fun and so relaxing.

I came across the idea when We decided to update the house instead selling it (what a hassle!) and I’m so grateful. This is much better. and Now I have another hobby I don’t have time for.

(I suppose a before and after pic would have been smart. So just imagine beat up and orangey brown wood 🙃)

So these ones are done. I love the turn out, what do you think?

At this point I’m either gonna paint my whole house or start writing. I should probably start on the writing.

What do you do when you’re not doing the thing you’re supposed to do?

Cheers, Amy

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