Amy on writing


Apologies for my absence again my WPs. No I am not wallowing in despair, forlorn over the pathetic-ness of my stagnant writing career.

No… I’m in shambles, literally in shambles. We are at the apex of remodeling the house in lieu of selling it and this week Is the floor. The entire floor! I am without kitchen, furniture and reasonable access to the other bedrooms. My bedroom is now a hotel room in which my whole household resides. We eat, we live, we annoy.

My garage is packed to the brim!

I have made an intricate labyrinth in my garage to reach my laundry and have decided that I should also stain my bookshelves in there.

Apparently I am not deterred by little things like the whole garage being taken up with furniture.

So enjoy your week everyone. And I shall rejoin you agains shortly.

Cheers. Amy

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