6 thoughts on “Curiouser and Curiouser”

  1. At Last – the Amy Art Page. Thank you.

    Random smattering or not, you are very talented. Sickeningly so really. My daughter is at Uni taking illustration, and I’m so very proud of her. I’m working on a self-published anthology of my short stories in time for Xmas, and she is providing the illustrations. I love going to galleries and gigs and seeing the work of people with far more ability than myself, whatever the genre. I have a sketch book and try to squeeze in a few moments to make a few drawings each day. I’m a reasonable copier of cartoons/pictures but lack whatever is needed to make original art. My main job (of 3) is a gardener which people deem as creative: but its a good 90% destruction. Give me a patch of weeds and I’ll play with them all day. I admire your work and hope we get to see more. Never get out of the habit if creating. Hmm, just re-read this and it’s all been me, me, me – but the plaudits, Amy, are all yours.

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    1. Thank you. There’s definitely a duality of gypsy artist and SAHM with me. But as long as I’m creating something, I’m happy. The skills are always there if I decide to torture myself with gallery life again…Congrats on the book collab- what a fun thing. I would definitely read it. Illustration is a smart major. Lots of futures with that. As for gardening, that sounds great for a writer. Alone in your head all day. I wish! Got a dozen kids around me all day, everyday. My brain is oatmeal most of the time…Thanks again for stopping by, I’m happy to receive both accolades and glimpses into Newbury life anytime. Cheers!

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      1. 12 kids?! Amy, you really should have worked out what causes them by now. Gosh – gallery life – that sounds intriguing and a bit amazing – any blog posts on those? Another day of British heatwave here, and the gardens of West Berkshire are calling me again, so must off. Your posts always provoke thought, so keep ’em coming between the chasing of kids and Sesame Streets

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