Art Finds A Way

I no longer paint or bake professionally, but the art always finds a way.

Here is a montage of where the art takes me…..I will try to add to the collection soon!


9 thoughts on “Art Finds A Way”

  1. I would like to show you a portrait of me. Whether or not you can do anything with it, using the type of paint you are most accustomed to, is up to you (paid commission, etc.). If nothing else, you would know what I look like, and maybe it would inspire something in your writings about the post apocalyptic world your mind visits from time to time.

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    1. Haven’t taken a commission in a long time. 😬 My studio is packed up to stage my house for sale. But stand by on that one. I’ll put in in consideration. Although I should add that I don’t usually do portraiture


      1. Acknowledged. It is a photograph that was taken before my second deployment to Afghanistan by one of the professional photographers in our unit. The majority of us had these pictures taken as part of the readiness packets we did before we deployed. A lot of us call these pictures “Dead Face” photos because they would be used as the official news release photos if we were killed in combat. Although a somber original reason for being taken, the portrait is still nice.

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      2. Aside from the leaving the high and tight behind. How have you changed. Do you look older than your years. Do you have creases and lines from stress. Were you bright eyed and bushy tailed as a youth and now cynical and haunted. Those are interesting things. I think a close up photography or photo-real project would be fascinating. I am not a photographer. I paint mostly plein air and abstract. But I would recommend this direction to you if you are truly interested in documenting yourself in art. I don’t think I’d be the right artist for this project. But I’d like to see it done this way.


      3. Ah. Spam. Not sure what I could do with that type of grouping. I’ll have to think on it. As I said I’m not taking commissions right now and portraiture isn’t my focus but if something comes to me I’ll let you know. I hope you’ll hold On to the idea I presented tho. I do think it would be quite powerful.


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