6 thoughts on “Happy 4th!”

  1. Amy, I trust you and your country all had a fab day. Celebrating your independence seems to me to be a totally worthy activity for all nations who have rediscovered their identity usurped by other countries seeking to exploit whatever resources they could find. I wonder how much of the Brit’s present-day national reserved and self-effacing psyche, marinated in a national lack of self-confidence, is nurtured by some inherited guilt over the actions of our forebears during the so-called British Empire. Hmm. We are certainly a nation of folk by-and-large keen to queue politely and fairly, apologise to people who tread on our feet and avoid any potential accusations of political incorrectness at all costs. Oops, I’ve rather gone on a bit. Soz. Keep celebrating and have an all-American weekend.

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    1. It’s such a simple thing, to wish someone a happy holiday… yet I wondered what message I was sending when I said Happy 4th. I suppose it could seem ignorant. Or complicit maybe. But I did it anyway, because I still want it to mean something. I have hope. And what are we without hope?

      And how British of you to take responsibility for the collective. I’m kind of an Anglophile so I won’t hold you personally responsible. But your countrymen? Maybe… But then again England brought me Monty Python, The Beatles, Stones, Simon Pegg, Treacle, mince pies, Jane Austin, Wow am I off topic.
      Anyway. I’ll be here. Across the pond, hoping, voting and being American. An American with hope that one day, when I say Happy Independence Day, I won’t have to worry about what it says about my integrity.

      Cheers! Amy 😉

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  2. Ah, but don’t forget we also gave the world toad-in-the-hole, the spinning jenny, bone china, Plastic Bertrand, rubber bands, the Pinky & Perky show, the Coggeshall slide rule and toilet paper with ‘now wash your hands please’ printed on each and every sheet. Ok, so I was lying about Plastic Bertrand, but where would the world be without our great nations?

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