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Word prompt Fragile. My first prompt piece~

It wasn’t always like this. So vibrant, unyielding. She could eat the world and still want more but this place, it has a way of unraveling you. Like a spool of fragile lace spinning down to a delicate nothing. Froth and whispers. And all that’s left is the cardboard. Paper thin and hollow. Just like her.

What up WPs. It’s been an interesting week. I still await good new from my submissions. But alas, they leave me in silence.

But I’ve been filling my time. Building connections with other writers, forging them in flame and reading their work. It’s been rewarding and insightful…

And most importantly? Stops me from refreshing by fucking email.

Any word promps to share? Drop me a link.

I’m kind of into it right now.

Cheers, Amy

15 thoughts on “Fragile”

  1. Hi Amy. Hang in there. I think you’ll find the thing the lace is wrapped round is a bobbin. Naturally, that is one of my fave words, but I don’t suppose I can present it to you for your prompt piece treatment. How ’bout ‘ignoble’? Great word: looks like it has a letter missin. Keep cussing.

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    1. Thank you. Glad to see the comments are sorted. Lol. Swearing keeps everything from being to precious.
      For me the bobbin is for thread. Might be a USA thing are me being a non sewer. But bobbin is a fun word

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      1. Yeah, Amy – I really don’t understand why, but my comments – or at least that one – appear to be back with a vengeance – hmm, how about ‘vengeance’ for a future prompt piece inspirer? Doh, of course bobbins are for thread – good point, well made. Not sure if lace has an equivalent? After all, if the hard plasticky bits at either end of a shoelace can be called aglets, then those flat windery-cardboardy things sure deserve a decent name. I advocate you, Amy, to come up with a suitable title and to be their queen. I don’t think anyone would argue.

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