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It’s Okay

Do you ever feel weird doing something that is purely just for you?

I feel like that all the time. Particularly as a parent.

Why do we feel that the moment we bring life into the world that ours no longer has value in its self? Why must we scrutinize simple pleasures and feel the need to justify to others, who never even asked, our reasons why? It’s okay to want.

Everyone always says that you have to take care of your self to care well for someone else. While I do absolutely think that’s true, why is actually doing it so hard?

After mulling over my plans and rescheduling it, I did it…Recently…. I did something for me. I went and sat for 3 hours doing absolutely nothing and came home with this and I love it. I’m happy I did it, it was just for me. It’s serves no other purpose. And that’s okay.

What was the last thing you did just for you?

Cheers, Amy

27 thoughts on “It’s Okay”

    1. It is weird. But it feels good getting passed once in a while. I only have 2. Ya either got money or you got time. But never both 😁right? And as a fine artist I am highly critical and worry I wouldn’t be happy with the execution. Now that I’m older I don’t feel the desire to hold back I guess.

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  1. My wife is the epitome of your post. She feels like a bad mom if she isn’t doing everything for our son 24/7. We had a date night a couple months ago, it was awesome! Children are top priority but parents need recoup time!

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    1. Date nights really are the tops. I miss my girls terribly. Even for one night at grandmas but it’s worth it. I love being able to finish a sentence without being asked for food or where that thing I played with that one time is. Just on occasion. 😀

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  2. Since retirement, most of the things I do are because I want to. I tried part-time gainful employment for a while (online), but began to resent the time it took from my days – the obligation to log in and clear my customer queries. so now I do what I want – mostly. (Proofreading and formatting my writing group’s anthology for self-publication was a heavier commitment, but I enjoyed the learning curve.)
    I do feel guilty though when my kids want baby-sitters and I’m not around the corner to help. I travel down to London when I can to help them out, but it isn’t the same as when they were small and I could drop them off at my mum’s at a moment’s notice. I suppose you never stop feeling that obligation to your kids.

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    1. You know. I’d like to think that there’s a point where you know without question that you’ve put in your dues and deserve to putter as you please. Retirement seems like that time. But I suppose it’s always a struggle.


  3. Such a true post! We get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else we neglect to take care of ourselves. It’s good you took time for you, make it a habit! Btw, love the tattoo, it’s beautiful.

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    1. Lol. I’ve got 10 of those. Piercing is way less permanent. And less pricey. And my mother hasn’t noticed. She gets all a-dither every time. Even at 37, “you’ll ruin your skin!” Please continue your “me” time. It churns it delightful tales of absurdity.

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      1. 10? Hmm, I’m confused, Amy. Your pretty pic suggests you have just 1 hole in your left lug-hole. Does that man you have 9 in the other? Do you use your right ear to drain the vegetables? Or have you TOTALLY concealed them elsewhere to confound your mother and your blog-fans?

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  4. You totally nailed it, Amy! 😂 Why does it feel so wrong and selfish if we do something just for us every once in a while? I really don’t know the answer to that, just that it’s also true for me. Last thing I did purely for myself was go to Diy shop and buy some wool for therapeutic knitting. 😉

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