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It’s Okay

Do you ever feel weird doing something that is purely just for you?

I feel like that all the time. Particularly as a parent.

Why do we feel that the moment we bring life into the world that ours no longer has value in its self? Why must we scrutinize simple pleasures and feel the need to justify to others, who never even asked, our reasons why? It’s okay to want.

Everyone always says that you have to take care of your self to care well for someone else. While I do absolutely think that’s true, why is actually doing it so hard?

After mulling over my plans and rescheduling it, I did it…Recently…. I did something for me. I went and sat for 3 hours doing absolutely nothing and came home with this and I love it. I’m happy I did it, it was just for me. It’s serves no other purpose. And that’s okay.

What was the last thing you did just for you?

Cheers, Amy

1 thought on “It’s Okay”

  1. WoW— To recognize and love life – the basis of self-esteem and self-esteem … If you have these two in you, you need not worry about self-esteem anymore. … For example, you can tell how much difference it makes to our lives, how much self-esteem we give ourselves. … Self-esteem has an aura.
    many thanks !!!!

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