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Happy new year my WPs! Apologies for the unplanned Hiatus from the blog world. You know how it is. Holidays, family….All the schedule changes and then the difficult return to routine… especially the kids…So here I am returning to routine.

It’s one thing for me not to write every week. But it’s another to not read all of your wonderful posts. I’m usually so diligent. Every day with out fail I read. Now I am woefully weeks behind. So my apologies again. I missed ya.

So what is this culprit to the hiatus? Time. Always time. So since it’s the new year and goals are a thing. Let’s talk goals for the year.

First. I need to make more time for my projects. My blog!!!and my book.

I recently have been advised into another rewrite. It sucks. But I took time to process it and have some clarity now. I will post on that later.

Secondly- I plan do complete my rewrites and resubmits in a timely fashion.

3rd. I need to exercise. So basic I know. But at 37, my years of high school and collegiate sports will not ride forever. I will not succumb to Sciatica and carpal tunnel. I need to make time..

That word again. Time.

Anyhow. I can go on and on about health and fitness. But that may not be of interest here, but if it is, let me know in comments about your fitness and health goals. As well as any other goals for the year.

Let’s resolve together!



28 thoughts on “Goals”

  1. I certainly understand time and the lack thereof… time won’t give me time… so I forgive you.

    You’re still a very nice looking lady! That’s my complement for this year so Santa has no choice but put me on the nice list…

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    1. I like so many things but I hate having to carve out my limited time. I guess I need to find a passion for something again like you say about running. I used to love this stuff. Year round athlete in 4 sports, gym classes. I did it all but now it’s basically frenetic cleaning and daycare. Along with some intermittent fasting, which I really like. Sigh🙃

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      1. You’re amazing already so do what you feel is right for you. Some peeps do a quick 15 min routine right out of bed and others do one before bed. Best not to over think it and just do what you like when you like do that it’s natural.

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  2. I’m not quite double your age (although my husband will be soon) and have recently been suffering a wake-up call in regard to my back – something I’ve had brief spells of trouble with when younger, but such things take longer to go away these days. I have good resolutions about exercise, but the dog walk is getting shorter and slower (our remaining dog is 14) and there’s always something left undone from the night before that needs doing first. And then it’s breakfast time…
    I WILL do those exercises in the morning… and maybe run with the dog (just part of the way – neither of us can manage more than a hundred yards or so).
    My back is a lot better this morning.
    I haven’t drunk wine nor whisky since Sunday; I do hope that has nothing to do with the improvement.


      1. I just haven’t been that vigilant in years. And I really do ride the coat tails of being naturally athletic. But I feel that slipping. I got to do something to maintain before carpal tunnel and sciatica take over 😬


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