Amy on writing

Amy’s Bad Advice

It’s worth what you paid for it.

This week I’d like to introduce a weekly-ish segment called Amy’s bad advice.

Every week(ish) I will post bad advice I’ve either given, gotten, or thought about giving on topics about writing, life, entrepreneuring, kids and whatever in between.

I’m not sure how personal we’ll get here, my well of shenanigans runs pretty deep, but we will see….

Also, please feel free share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and ADVICE in the comments. Is this a good blog idea? I love our little interactive interludes.

Stay tuned for my first post: Amy’s Bad Advice #1 : On Writing

(because that’s what inspired it of course)

Cheers! Amy

Spot on doppelgänger compliments of Bitmoji

8 thoughts on “Amy’s Bad Advice”

  1. Terrible idea, Amy. I advise you to reconsider… Hmm, on second thoughts, it sounds a really fun feature. When in a previous life, my manager took me to one side and advised me that I was in the wrong job, it made me determined to prove him wrong. In a way I did, but in the end stayed another 24 years and grew to hate it, before I chrysalised and emerged as a fully-formed gardener, care-worker and respondent to thought-provoking blogs. I await your future advice with cautious optimism.

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      1. And there you have the heart of Amy’s bad advice. 😀 I’m a natural mediator, so my whole life, people have loved to tell me stuff. Over the years I’ve learned to be a bit more diplomatic about how I respond, but it took a while. And now I’m a declared writer, so I get a lot of advice. And sometimes need it! But learning to filter thru all of it really got me thinking about how well meaning advice affects our decisions. So inspiring a fun light way to explore it all.


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