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What I learned…

I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart. – Sia


What blogging has taught me about writing.

If anyone read Know When to Hold them…they will know that I’ve hit a rough patch in my publishing journey. I’m getting through it though, you lot are pretty nice with your encouragements and stuff..

Anyway. In my frantic rewrites, I decided to take my blog approach and go balls-to-the-wall, full-on pantser mode, and I must say I Like it! My blog is a semi string of consciousness that I edit lightly, but is almost essentially, my voice*

(Significantly less f-bombs, I’m a lady and a professional after all, not a ruddy fuckin’ pirate.)

And why did that work for me?

Well, to spare you too many details, the beginning of my book is overwritten. I tried too hard. But using my blog approach, I sat down and wrote like I was verbally telling the story to someone, I let the words fall out and land. When I was done, I had written something fresher and more vivid than I thought was possible after spending so much time with the material. And that felt amazing.

I’m not saying that this is the new way to fly, but I’m glad to know the next time I get stuck, I have a solution that doesn’t involve me sulking in the fetal position.

How has your blog affected your other writing?

16 thoughts on “What I learned…”

  1. Dear Lady ex-F-Bomber. For me, my blogging is just an outlet for my writing which would otherwise live a lonely life in some cupboard or other. Being a misanthrope, writing is my preferred method of communication, as I can prattle on without the imperative of swift speed of thought and on topics that need not interest anyone but myself. The amazing thing is that on WordPress, I receive some feedback and, like the leader of a particularly ineffectual sect, actually have a few followers. I expected none. This beats my other blog (shameless plug here) which has over 250 posts including stories, gardening tips, over book reviews etc etc yet has gained no followers whatsoever and its 25,012 apparent visits to date been made mainly by some Russian Bot. (I love that little guy) . The point is that I pointlessly still add stuff to that blog for no-ones benefit but my own. To finally answer your question, my blog is a vessel for the verbiage that pours out from my soul for my own personal satisfaction and for future generations to discover. I cannot conceive of not blogging and would almost certainly still do it if they turned the internet off.

    You’ll work through that rough-patch, you know. They come with the territory like a walk across the Malvern Hills. Keep your boots on, stop and have a sip or two from your flask every now and then, and you’ll find the slopes will ease and the view worthwhile.

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    1. I might have to go find company with that bot and check out blog spot…Wordpress is a surprising place indeed. I set up a blog because the internet said I needed to have a platform and since I’ve avoided social media since it’s inception, I had nothing. WordPress fulfills the obligatory, as I knew it would, but I didn’t expect to enjoy it, nor anyone else. Thanks for the encouragement, my bootstraps are properly situated for now.

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  2. I write quite freely and then worry about that editing lately. I wrote 1500 words today and it flowed. I’m not one for planning. I get my ideas as and when I write. I think we get bogged down too often in structure and format. Sometimes you just have to write.

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  3. Hi Amy,

    What a great story. It’s hard to balance the quest through editing towards excellence with the quest through freedom towards it. 😉 Glad what you’re doing is helping!

    I imagine we have similar stories- I started a blog late last year, midst a publishing journey, largely to “gain a following”, though also as a sort of portfolio and collection. I’m excited to meet you!

    Since I don’t write specifically *for* my blog, blogging hasn’t had too much effect on my writing, though it does provide interesting feedback on what’s most popular… here at least. I try to apply that knowledge without catering improperly to “what people want to hear”.

    Glad to make your connection!

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad to grow my community of writers and artists. Although eventually it would be nice to have a following for my published work, I enjoy and appreciate being party of the writing world and am happy to meet you too😀

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  4. Well I write short stories for my blog, so when there are bigger posting time gaps, it usually means that my latest story has been submitted to a competition, instead of being published on my blog. A competition that I never win. But if you don’t enter, you can’t win.

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