Amy on writing

I said I would…

So I did….

I ran a 5k!

Well, I didn’t run the whole thing.

It was a 5k fun run called the Muddy Princess and it was a blast!

It was 90f degrees, wet and dirty.

I’m usually an observe with brew type, particularly when it involves things like running, or water, but I’m so glad I did this.

I’ve walked a few marathons for fun before, like the Bay to Breakers 😝and a few others. But my goal for this one was to keep up with my 9 year old soccer girl and I did!

We ran, we hiked up hill, climbed and crawled through obstacles and mud all in the name of fun and female solidarity.

Our group included sisters, friends, daughters and even one grandma (the most enthusiastic of us all!)

None of us were particularly excited about the run once we were in the car at 830 am on a Sunday, already 85 degrees.

All of us kept asking who’s idea it was, and how it sounded good two months ago. Now, on the way, we were all wondering if we should just blow it off and go to brunch instead. (I was not opposed).

But I’m so glad we went through with it. Every one of us had the best time. A few struggled though obstacles, from both fear of heights and pure difficulty, but everyone was so supportive. We cheered for others and they cheered for us. We laughed, slapped each other with more mud, squished in our shoes and carried on.

And at the end we got a shiny medal, a gift bag of girly swag, filthy hugs with hi 5s and the best memories.

I’ll never forget it.

I just might even do it again.

Me and my girl.

Would you mud run for fun?

Tell me about it😎

Cheers, Amy