Amy on writing

The Mirror

MOOD monoprint on handmade paper

Just a little vent-sesh poetry during this hectic time. Best to you all my blogging friends. Cheers!


You did not see me.

That was clear.

I was standing behind a mirror.

Your bitter desires.

And farfetched dreams

Your vicarious need.

That wasn’t me.

The lines were smudges,

at the bottom of a glass.

Growing more distorted,

as time passed.

And when balance found

another thread,

it was too late for our weave to mend.

You held your reflection, while I created mine.

It’s quite distorted.

And not always fine.

But I hold it tight,

because it is mine.

I show it to you,

unblur the lines,

but after all this time,

you still don’t see,

the person that is truly me.

8 thoughts on “The Mirror”

      1. I went through similar things. Thankful to say I didn’t make any permanent decisions that I might’ve regretted. I hope you have a good friend to vent to and talk things over with . It really helped me .


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