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Beyond The Horizon

The prospect of a better tomorrow appeared bright by the light of shiny spangled signs and glittering balls as we said **** (claim you expletives) to 2020.

But a week in to 2021, nothing looks better or brighter. Death, an unwavering pandemic, rising poverty levels, and the unbearable weight of racial injustice have been compounded by the unforgivable assault on our democracy. The result–an insurrection.

And the world looks on. This dystopia is a global nightmare. But it is ours. This is our past, present, and future.

But I don’t think we are doomed. I still see something brighter on the horizon, I see people on the move. Collectively moving forward, toward something beyond the shadows. What is this thing? Hope? Resolve?

Both…We can get past these atrocities if we believe we can.

But we cannot forgive, and we cannot forget. Every stone laid by complicitity and hate has destroyed the bedrock of our being. We have to be better, because we have to be.

I’m hopeful.

Cheers, Amy

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