Amy on writing

Hello Springtime…

Can you all believe it’s spring already? When I think of spring, I think of flowers, twitterpating deer, Kleenex, Claritin, Singulair and sneeze fits that test my bladder.

Spring also draws attention to the fact that I’ve procrastinated on starting my book rewrites for 2 months. Sigh… Shame…

Let’s talk about all the things I’m doing that aren’t writing.

Besides my battle with seasonal allergies…My house is nearly back together, and in fine form. I love my new floor. It always looks clean! I love not mopping everyday… or twice a day.

I also had a very successful family party in the new dressed up digs. 14 guests for St. Patrick’s day dinner. Corned beef, colcannon, the works. I hail from some very proud Irish. And it was my grandfathers, and now my husbands favorite holiday.

And does drinking leftover Jameson sours and dancing to 90s R and B while I fold laundry count as exercise? Because if it does I totally nailed my New Years goal of getting more exercise. Score! 😁

So let’s see, exercise-check, spring cleaning?-check.

Finishing my book and querying again?-

Suck it Springtime.

Cheers, Amy 😉

What are your plans for Spring?

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