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Hello Springtime…

Can you all believe it’s spring already? When I think of spring, I think of flowers, twitterpating deer, Kleenex, Claritin, Singulair and sneeze fits that test my bladder.

Spring also draws attention to the fact that I’ve procrastinated on starting my book rewrites for 2 months. Sigh… Shame…

Let’s talk about all the things I’m doing that aren’t writing.

Besides my battle with seasonal allergies…My house is nearly back together, and in fine form. I love my new floor. It always looks clean! I love not mopping everyday… or twice a day.

I also had a very successful family party in the new dressed up digs. 14 guests for St. Patrick’s day dinner. Corned beef, colcannon, the works. I hail from some very proud Irish. And it was my grandfathers, and now my husbands favorite holiday.

And does drinking leftover Jameson sours and dancing to 90s R and B while I fold laundry count as exercise? Because if it does I totally nailed my New Years goal of getting more exercise. Score! ๐Ÿ˜

So let’s see, exercise-check, spring cleaning?-check.

Finishing my book and querying again?-

Suck it Springtime.

Cheers, Amy ๐Ÿ˜‰

What are your plans for Spring?

24 thoughts on “Hello Springtime…”

  1. Wonderful picture of a streamy-eyed Amy running from angry wasps through the cemetery with your husband.

    Twitterpating? That was a new one on me (your emails are so educational) and I feared that a ‘twitterpated deer’ was one that had been stalked by a dentist on his vacation with his shotgun, but, having looked it up, how wrong was I? what a beautiful word, one that I intend incorporating in all aspects of my life. Thank you.

    Your St Pats hol sounded fab, and its cool to be so proud of and celebrate your roots. I trust you and the kids hit the Guinness in proper Irish fashion. It was declared ‘National Pie Week’ here earlier this month and I can’t see much further than that as my fave hol.

    Yes, spring is wonderful, especially (maybe) as a professional gardener. I’m busy sowing seeds in trays in glasshouses – my fave job, and having survived cold , wet and white, its a never-fading thrill to see the sprouting miracle of new life and the promise of the year ahead.

    Keep sneezing, Amy, but know there is summer and ice cream ahead.

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    1. I love the word twitterpated too. But feared it would be construed as some hashtag thing. Glad you looked it up. Itโ€™s adorable. Perfect for me and my fluffy unicorn.
      I hope all my plants I planted and killed over the last year return in glorious zombie flower form soon. I can see some sprouts in my garden but knowing me they will just be weeds. Alas.
      Pie week right after st pats? Thatโ€™s got my name on it for next year for sure. Happy spring! Woot!

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  2. Spring, to me, means weeds… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but once I’ve pulled out the spring nettles they seem to lose heart and become more manageable the rest of the year).
    Dancing DEFINITELY counts as exercise – the best kind. And you don’t have to convince yourself it makes you feel better – it really does lift your mood. Zumba is the only kind of exercise class I ever stuck with for any length of time (I don’t count yoga as exercise)

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      1. lol!! You know me so well The thought actually ran through my head the other day of whether I ought to take some kind of bakes than will survive the journey….
        …but then I decided a bottle of gin will do nicely instead. I only found out he liked gin just before he went back – he always drank softdrinks because of driving, so I did not realize he had a favourite tipple.

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