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Amy’s Bad Advice #9

It’s worth what you Paid for it.

This long overdue piece of advice comes with a song and an important question. Heed friends! Heed!

There once was a troll,

Guarding a bridge,

He wouldn’t let you pass,

Until you did what he says.

And his special request,

goes something like this………..

Fuck the rest. You don’t need to cater to the asinine requests of a troll. Period.

But what should you do if you get trolled online?

This situation can’t be fun no matter where it happens, but when your professional website or blog gets bogged down by an online troll, it’s critical you deal with it in a way that doesn’t detriment the hard work you’ve invested in building your platform. My reaction is be the bigger person and react and engage with the person as kindly as possible, win them over as it were, despite how painful that might feel.

But when that doesn’t work, what do you do? Block them, erase everything and pretend it didn’t happen. Or just call them out and tell them to get a life and jog on?

Enquiring minds (mine) need to know!

What would you do?

Tell me all about it in the comments.

Cheers, Amy

23 thoughts on “Amy’s Bad Advice #9”

  1. I have only had one person making comments that were clearly intended to mock my posts. The blogger basically suggester I have the mind of a ten year old and need to grow up!
    I just trashed all their comments. All comments need my approval before they appear.
    The frustrating thing was that the blogger persisted. But it has been a couple of months since I had any comments from them, so I am hoping the tired out.

    However, I was also the victim of some trolling, slander, defaming in real life because of what happened with my ex-flatmate. That was much harder to endure because I could not control what others were saying about me.

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    1. I can’t imagine you getting trolled. You’re so bright and positive. But that just shows how terribly sad those people are. Not letting them have a platform to stand on by erasing and moderating seems smart. I don’t moderate my comments.
      And to have a media circus like you describe with your ex flat mate sounds like a whole other ballgame. Or ballpark. I can’t imagine. You manage it all with grace and if being positive and full of joy and wonder is childish then sign me up😎


  2. It hasn’t happened yet (I don’t get enough readers…), and I also approve comments before they appear. I suppose it depends how troll-like the comments are. Some people only want to spout vitriol and are never going to answer rationally, and I don’t want to get into a slanging match. If I could latch onto a fragment of sense and concede it, I’d probably respond to make them look trollish and me rational. It might be an interesting enough conversation to attract some readers, after all.
    so I’d approve it if I could think of a good enough response and trash it otherwise.

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  3. I’m normally very talkative on here and if I like someone’s blog enough, I can be very enthusiastic…. and I think people view me as a troll… maybe it’s just me. I’ve had people to tell me to bugger off in the politest of ways. Pardon me. Lol 😒

    I also have this thing where people will like all my comments on other people’s posts but never say anything to me.

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    1. Oh no! Well I find your enthusiasm delightful. Visit anytime.

      That is another thing I hadn’t thought of either. Although it is nice for people to like comments on other blogs. It’s nice for them to stop by yours too right? But often there just aren’t enough hours in a day. Sigh.

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      1. Well Amy, you’re intelligent, ambitious, pretty funny and attractive… so some people find that as grounds for hating.. but you got a great career ahead of you in writing. And unfortunately these things come with the territory…

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  4. Don’t let them get to you… that’s what I say. You are amazing so keep that in mind and respond with your positivity always. We all get some form of negativity thrown at us at some point so eh… ‘tis life. Hope you have a great Sunday Amy!

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  5. I’ve had too many troll situations to mention, so I’ll just tell you what I do (and always have). Trolls want attention and I refuse to give them any. It’s hard not to feel hurt by horrible comments etc, but these people meant nothing to me before, so I will not dwell on them afterwards. I delete, block, report, ignore, avoid and anything else that I can do to eradicate them – immediately. Immediacy is important. I never go back and look to see if they’ve tried to contact me etc. Nor do I read what others have to say on the matter. They cease to be anything to me and I sleep well at night. I don’t respond (in any way), I don’t ‘have my say’ or ‘out them’ or give them anything more than a wave goodbye (which I don’t physically do, of course).

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