Amy on writing


Hey all!

With the kids out of school this week and the week prior due to hazardous air quality from the devastating Camp and Woolsey fires it’s been quite the circus here.

Without time to compose new posts or even edit ones in the queue I though this week would be an opportunity for new followers to get to know me. So I will be reposting my oldest posts here throughout the week.

I hope those of you who have been with me since the beginning don’t mind trippin’ down my memory lane. I’m over 50 posts in this thing now so it’s been a while.

Cheers, Amy

3 thoughts on “Redux”

  1. That’s my plan for the last couple of weeks of December – I am going to re-post my oldest posts because I have to work lots of over-time to cover shifts for my colleagues who are taking holidays and then I am going to North Wales myself between 24th – 30th December and I don’t want to drag my lap-top up with me. So I am going to schedule older posts which only ever had a couple of likes and see if they are a bit more well received now.

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