Amy on writing

The Wait


What up WPs! I have some exciting news!

It’s funny, because I have been wondering all week what I was going to write about. I have nothing in the queue. Its terrible, not even a draft. Unless you want to hear about my plans to organize my closet? or laundry?… No? I don’t blame you.

Okay, so the news…

I got my first full request from a literary agent!!!

But what does that mean? An actual literary agent liked my query letter and sample pages. She wants to read my full manuscript!!!!

Isn’t that fucking spectacular!

Now, I really shouldn’t go to pieces here. I can still get rejected. She may decide it wasn’t compelling after all, or that it needs more work. It could be anything, but that still awesome because I’m in this thing.

So wish me luck everyone, I should hear back within 90 days, or an eternity.

Let the waiting begin!

Cheers, Amy

painting, oil on canvas by me

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