Amy on writing

The Wait


What up WPs! I have some exciting news!

It’s funny, because I have been wondering all week what I was going to write about. I have nothing in the queue. Its terrible, not even a draft. Unless you want to hear about my plans to organize my closet? or laundry?… No? I don’t blame you.

Okay, so the news…

I got my first full request from a literary agent!!!

But what does that mean? An actual literary agent liked my query letter and sample pages. She wants to read my full manuscript!!!!

Isn’t that fucking spectacular!

Now, I really shouldn’t go to pieces here. I can still get rejected. She may decide it wasn’t compelling after all, or that it needs more work. It could be anything, but that still awesome because I’m in this thing.

So wish me luck everyone, I should hear back within 90 days, or an eternity.

Let the waiting begin!

Cheers, Amy

painting, oil on canvas by me

31 thoughts on “The Wait”

    1. Well since you asked… I’m a very specific type of hoarder. I do not like to get rid of my clothes. My closet is no longer big enough to accommodate this. But since most of my wardrobe is full of up cycled and thrift shop masterpieces, I struggle to let go…but must. Sigh. But in more important news. Thank you. I’ve pretty stoked about the full request. 😀

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      1. Hmm, I found undercrackers in my drawer that had to go. Worked out they were older than my daughter, and she’s 20. Considered selling them to a vintage clothes shop or a museum, but couldn’t betray these holey old friends. Sounds like you’re buying a closet extension with your first royalty check.

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      2. Closet extension. That would be fabulous. Maybe on the roof. 🤔. I’d say my best wares were procured in San Francisco during college so maybe 15 years. But I also have some sweet stuff I inherited well before that. So I guess I’m a collector not a hoarder. 😉


    1. Thank you. Would that be marvelous.
      And been there done that with my art. I was a gallery artist back in the day. It’s not an easy living to make with a family. Lots of overhead and you ever know what will sell. I did the cake biz after that.

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    1. Thank you. Yes I’ve been pretty entrepreneurial. I painted professionally out of college, then co owned a cake business for about 7 years and now I do childcare with my family. It’s been nice raising my children. all while trying to carve a little bit of time for my creative endeavors. Nothing is more creatively stifling than having to do something you aren’t passionate about or worrying about how much money you make. I try to only take on projects that I’m super into now. While I watch kids as my day job.

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