Amy on writing

Amy’s Bad Advice #5

It’s worth what you paid for it.


Will you remember me tomorrow?

This advice is for busy mommy heads, or just parents, adults in general… People. People with the attention span of a gnat, or anyone that heard an ice cream truck and ran for it mid-sentence or missed their exit because they were hitting a sick high note in the grand acoustics of their vehicle. We are all busy with something aren’t we?

If you’re like me, the best ideas come to you at the worst times. If you have a great idea in the middle of the night or anywhere else….Write it down! Type it, find a napkin, your hand anything at all, especially at night when you’re trying to fall asleep. No matter how life changing and magnificent it is, you will forget in the morning. And you might hate yourself for it.

This concludes Amy’s Bad Advice for this week. Heed my friends, Heed.

Cheers. Amy

21 thoughts on “Amy’s Bad Advice #5”

  1. “If you’re like me, the best ideas come to you at the worst times.”

    I’m like you lol…

    Notepad on the phone! Greatest invention since cut cheese..

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  2. I like to graffiti my pearls of inspiration on a moving ice cream van where they cannot be forgotten as it allows me to reward my brain with soothing, chilled confectionary. This is why Charles Dickens had his own ice cream van. I advise anyone looking for commercial writing success to invest in one, it saves a lot of time hunting someone else’s down when ideas ping and saves getting punched by irate ice cream men who can get quite precious when they catch you sharpie-ing over their ‘mind that child’ logos.


    1. I can’t help but think that using my yellow tweety bird ice cream with the gum ball eyeballs over hot concrete isn’t the best place to distinguish myself in the literary archives. Perhaps I do need a sharpy.🤔


      1. It’s convenient and easy 😀 always have the phone so don’t have to worry about not having something to write with (unless the battery is dead).
        And it’s easily accessed when you need it. I’ve kept 0lots and characters in my messages. Sometimes complete chapters

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