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A Rose By Any Other Name


How to pick a title for your novel.

The title of my first novel, although still tentative of course since authors don’t necessarily have the power of veto, is Capture The Tide. But it was not always so.

Through the years I have gone through a dozen titles, each time returning to the same one. Which incidentally is not this one. So how do you choose a title? Or working title?

This is what I suggest:

First, finish your book. Duh. Then sit and really wrap your head around the message of your work, the essence and soul of it, then make a list. This is sort of an emotional, cathartic type thing that will butt up against my next suggestion. Which is to look up books similar to yours. Look in your genre, subgenre, age group, ect… Whats selling? What’s hot? This gives you an objective viewpoint to create a second list of titles.

Now you should have 2 lists to work from. From there you can narrow down your choices reflecting on whether you want to focus on figurative meanings or literal meanings. Does your novel work with a single title? A noun? Or do you need a more poetic phrase?

Mine is a little of both, and I hope it stays.

What does your rose smell like?

Cheers, Amy

Abstract oil on canvas by me.

9 thoughts on “A Rose By Any Other Name”

  1. Very informative. I’ve always taken the random-selection-of-letters from throwing a plate of Alphabetti Spaghetti on toast (wholemeal/sliced) at the wall. Maybe this explains my lack of literary success to date, I shall adopt your fine tips forthwith. Do you have Alphabetti Spaghetti in the States? Or toast? And walls?

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  2. I am not the fictional, novel sort… I can only write about my thoughts and feelings… and I have ideas that could be interesting reads, but not sure how interesting others would find it though..

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