Amy on writing

Amy’s Bad Advice #4

It’s worth what you paid for it.


Conversations with an emerging writer: My advice on how not to…

“What happens if you fail?”

“I curl up in an ass ball and die of course.”

“No really.”

“I won’t fail.”

“That’s awful cocky Amy.”

“Hate me, love me, sell one copy to my mom or a million plus the film rights. It doesn’t fucking matter. It’s only a fail if I don’t try. 

(Blank stare)

“Nothing scares me more than not trying.”

“That’s pretty brave of you.”

Yes, yes it is. I am brave. I’m fucking Braveheart.”

The conversation will end with another blank stare. Someone might even pat you  on the head.

Then you must ignore the patronizing smile and say:  “Damn right, I’m Braveheart.” Then saunter off like the crazy person they think you are while they silently hope you don’t quit your day job.

Let the pendulum swing. Be brave.


Cheers, Amy

Braveheart POP Art by me

16 thoughts on “Amy’s Bad Advice #4”

  1. Hey Amy Westphal…
    …Tell me, do you already have a book that is available to buy or are you working on it? I bought a book by Teresa (aka The Haunted Wordsmith)…I love the idea of supporting other bloggers by buying their books.

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  2. Day job? What day job? I’m in the happy position of having retired the day job – and the direct sales experiment – and the online customer service job. I don’t even live in the vicinity of my grandchildren (although that does have the disadvantage of a two-hour journey when I’m really needed to babysit). I should be writing more! I should, at least, be reading more.

    A word of warning about the day job… Wnen I went back to work after thirteen years surviving on my husband’s wage and regular mortgage increases to pay off the rising debts… I thought all our financial problems would be over.
    I thought the same when I upgraded from my part-time, term-time only job to full time. And when I finally paid off the mortgage…
    But I always seem to spend as much as Ihave to spend – and then a little more.
    It’s the same with writing. There is never enough time in any day to get around to writing what I want to write. Or even deciding what I want to write. And I still don’t have time for reading.
    Sometimes a deadline is what I need to get my act together

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  4. You writers are weird

    It comes with the territory

    You mean like Nova Scotia?

    Hmm. Maybe. Take the initials

    NS? Nina Simone?

    Well, I was going to change the N to a W and you get…

    WS. Ah, I get it…Western Samoa

    I was thinking more Will Shakespeare

    Amy, you’re a genius. Write what you know and all that. I’m off to pen the tale of Nina Simone pea-shelling in Western Samoa

    Glad to be of service, Martin

    Great post, Amy. Are they your lips? Is that copper sulphate on your chops?

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