Amy on writing


My life hasn’t been very writerly lately. Which is a bummer for blogging since my blog is supposed to be about my journey to get published.

But now that I’m thinking on it, I just need to make my non-writing more writerly. And I shall do it without my dashing, fedora-tipping facade.

Not writing daily makes me feel adrift. For so long I couldn’t separate myself from my book. It was the all encompassing, everything of my being. It would weave itself like fine threads through every few moments of my day. Bathrooms are the best, where else do you hide? Between meal prep for a dozen kids, diapers, outdoor play, reading and sing-a-longs I’d write notes on paper towels, my hands, my phone (if I could spare a few precious moments of bathroom time) and I would write, write, write. Compusive, tight knit, heavy with thought notes. My characters would have conversations in my head, blog posts would write themselves…Sigh.

I’m searching for that place again, searching desperately for those brief moments that spill words, carving them into my existance again because that’s what writing is. It’s essential. I’m a writer whether I’m writing or not because I want to be. It calls me and It’s there waiting for me when all the shit is sorted because I will it to be so.

And that feels writerly. Write on writers.

Cheers, Amy

Self portrait: oil on canvas by me- writer, painter, soccer mom, kindergarten and 3rd grade mom, daycare provider, and stager and cleaner of house we are trying to sell at the worst time humanly possible so that our kids can have a backyard to play in.

7 thoughts on “Because”

  1. Firstly, I love your painting. Secondly, I can relate to this; to writing in general. I am not writing any book currently, but I write poetry here and tweet poems, too. I have a day job which is not exactly literary-related so writing helps me relax and sometimes, strangely, even gets me back into focus. Some days words are jumbled up in my head but they won’t seem to spill; others, they yearn to be released but I have little time to even type on my phone. But, like you said, write on. 🙂

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  2. Hey, Amy. No beating yourself up. I guess you had up the bathroom sessions when your partner bought you laxatives for Christmas. Life gets in the way for all of us, yet because you are Supergirl, and the kids love you more than malt cup ice cream, you will find a way. Anyway, remember once you’ve moved you’ll be able to lock them in a big cage in the back yard. BTW your painting is incredible as well as being the splitting image of me, and your posts, whenever they come, sparkle like rubies.

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    1. Thanks as always. Chasing perfection is a bad habit indeed. I like to think of the bathroom as a moms panic room. We just like to hide in there sometimes. But don’t tell anyone🤫 I don’t want to share….so happy to know I have a doppelgänger across the pond. I’ll remember that if I ever decide to wreck havoc in Newbury. And even though I’m never sure if I’m sending out gems or polished turds, I appreciate your readership. 😀


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