Amy on writing

The Muse

If your muse was a real person…


In mythology, 9 Grecian sister goddesses preside over the arts and sciences. The muses… Today, the muse is any personification of inspiration.

So what is your muse like? Look like? Talk like? Could you take them out for drinks and have a good time, or does that creeper need to stay chained in the basement?

I like to think of my muse as an uncut, despicable version of myself. She is ruthless and undiplomatic. She takes what she wants. She’s a bitch, but I love her. I need her because I will back burner everything and anything to meet the needs of my loved ones. I happily forgo me. But she reminds me, gives me shit for slackin’. And if I ignore her, she fights her way to the front of line.

It’s nice of her really…

Tell me about yours in the comments, I love it.

Cheers, Amy

Sculpture by Me





24 thoughts on “The Muse”

  1. My muse was once living but has since passed. She gave me the courage to begin a blog and every day I am reminded of who she was, although, I did not know her. It is crazy how our muse comes to us.

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  2. My muse is good company.
    My muse delights in amusing puns and mumsey anagrams.
    My muse is hard to pin down. I can’t picture him.
    My muse entertains me with stories and dreams, but if I don’t write them down quick, he whisks them away.
    My muse is so busy trying to do the romantic thing he makes me forget to take the keys out of the door or turn the oven off.
    My muse shares Poe’s Imp of Perversion. He tries to tempt me to throw my car keys into the canal when walking over bridges, or slash my own car tyres when strimming the lawn.
    My muse finds the alliteration ‘Trumps tariff threat’ a joy, though hates the way our world is dividing.
    My muse looks for the humour in everything and always seems to find it.
    My muse encourages me to draw in sketchbooks whatever the results.
    My muse used to be shy, but has learned nothing bad happens when he is not.
    My muse is a child, but knows to be grown up if circumstances temporarily insist.
    My muse is easily angered by technology and inanimate objects that don’t perform their one reason for existence – I’m looking at you, printer – but is infinitely forgiving to people around him.
    My muse makes me laugh. Often. He’s a good lad, and I wouldn’t be without him.
    My muse thanks you, Amydw for this opportunity because although it turns out we are best mates, inseparable even, I’ve never really considered him.

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  3. Is it weird that I don’t have one? Maybe my muse was me…?
    Gawd. I’ve never even thought about it, though I’ve not considered others odd for having theirs.

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  4. Loved your post! I love the topic of Muse/Muses! She made me sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) but has approved several posts about her on my blog. I’ll have to run commenting here by her! Your Muse sounds pretty awesome!! I just wish mine stayed with me like yours does? Maybe, I shouldn’t have said that? Ha!
    Wonderfully done – Bravo, Amy, Bravo!

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