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Now that I’ve covered who I think I am. Let’s talk about why you should care. Fuck, I don’t know. But I want you to care because I wrote a book, a story that I want to share with the world. That’s big for me. I’m an introvert, an infj if you’re interested in that. A Virgo if you’re interested in that. So putting myself out there is not my first nature. Its hard and so different now too. In my days of gallery art. I had my little black portfolio with slides that I put in an actual envelope with stamps. Maybe I had more confidence then too. The same is true with the cake world. It was still visual art. Writing is a different art. Obvs. And unlike my fine art skillz, without the education to back it up (Academy of Art University BFA) I often feel unsure. (Understatement) But I understand that’s normal based on my internet research. But at the end of the day I Continue because I do believe in my work, That I have something interesting to say. And a film adaptation would be just marvelous. Btw. As a visual artist first, I see the movie in my head already, with a glorious cast and all.

But let’s just get published first.

Cheers, Amy

7 thoughts on “Watch me platform”

  1. You may not just be the noobiest of us all, I’m just going through the internet. Reading, I’m not stable with my finances to read others ebooks and pay to read what others put out. but any support I can give on some sites, on your pages… I’m here! But I’m so lost on blogging. I want to blog for a career but still an all. Out of all the researching. I’m still procrastinating. I will get this get paid to blog thing one day. Happy trails everyone.

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  2. I feel awful, but I didn’t realise you were a fellow artist! Also…coincidentally, a Virgoan artist, with a Virgoan daughter who is a fully trained confectioner. I have two girls and a son. I have two book covers published thanks to my collaboration with Kindra M. Austin. We’re just about to release her third book and she’s launching her own publishing company. I designed the logo. Take a look at her blog She’s very approachable, apart from knowing exactly how it feels to get published. Also. Thank you for liking some of my work. I really appreciate that.


    1. Thanks so much for the info. It’s great to grow my connections to the community. I really appreciate that. Yes I am a Virgo artist: Painter and cake designer. And now writer 😬. It’s an interesting duality indeed.


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