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I’ve done it!

No, not that. Well, I did a little of that ….

But this isn’t about my book, which is moving into its 8th chapter of rewrites. Hurray!

No, I’ve gone and cleaned off my treadmill, and I walked on it, for thirteen minutes, on an incline.

Chime the bells! I exercised.

It is a historic day.

I am a beast, I plan to do it again today. Maybe I’ll even jog this time.

Wish me luck 😬

Cheers, Amy

Amy on writing

Capture the Tide

My book, my book. Capture the Tide by Amy Westphal…

The entire purpose of this blog, it’s very existence is for the sake of this book.

But where is it?

It’s been almost a year since I began platforming here on WordPress and I feel that I’m almost back to where I started. Not what I hoped. I’d rather be singing about a book deal.

But that is life. If it were easy, everyone would do it. As they say.

Nearly a year ago I finished writing Capture the Tide. A literary leaning narrative about a young woman surviving and coming of age in a post apocalyptic world.

I had it edited and I shopped it. Then I reworked it and shopped it again. 22 agents. All rejects except one R and R maybe.

And there I stayed. For some time.

Today I am rewriting my book. On Page 20 to be exact. My focus has been to embrace the YA. Remove my author voice and find the characters voice, be more immersive in her experience, in the moment, rather than telling a story about her.

This is proving difficult. My nature is to tell stories and read old books. Old books often focus on the classic third person narrative. We are onlookers. But today!

Today people want in, be in their head. Not first person style where the protagonist is unreliable and limited in their language.

Deep 3rd person allows the author to be both deep and shallow to suit the story. It is weaving of the most difficult fabric. And I am woefully out of my league.

But I am learning, I’m studying. I’m trying.

Kind of drowning here.

But I’m in this thing.

Wish me luck, I love it.

Cheers, Amy

Art, As usual, by me.

Amy on writing

It is the First of April

On this day of pranks I will instead share a list of today’s grievances. Some may even call it a Festivus for the rest of us.

This wonderful idea is from the fabulous and sharp

And now the airing of grievances!

1- plates left next to the sink neither rinsed, washed or without the bare minimum of putting water on it.

2- people asking me to smile, as If I live to serve your fancy.

3- parents who don’t vaccinate because of what they read on Facebook.

4- people who start conversations with “Did you see that thing on Facebook?”

5- Facebook in general

6- Number 45

And now for a life changing video.

Jk. Always wanted to rick roll y’all.

Happy April Fools

Cheers, Amy

Amy on writing


Heres to another installment of Amy’s Vent-sesh poetry for the chronically stressed. Come commiserate with me my WPs!

It falls so fine you cannot see.

Down, down.

Softly, slowly.

Bask in the translucent blush, watch the sheen as it shimmers down.

Down, down.

Softly, slowly.

Coat after coat, dust to dust, bury me down.

One effervescent sheet at a time, bury me down.

Caked in layers you cannot see.

Down, down.

Softly slowly, softly slowly, until there is nothing left of me.

Today’s super satisfying vent sesh is brought to you by my immense guilt of not editing my book.

But. I opened the file yesterday made some notes and am prepared to finally start. April’s gonna be my month!

I will no longer bury my passion project and guilt myself about it. I have plenty of other things to stress about. THIS SHALL NO LONGER BE ONE OF THEM.

Feel free to hold me to it…

Cheers, Amy

Amy on writing

Hello Springtime…

Can you all believe it’s spring already? When I think of spring, I think of flowers, twitterpating deer, Kleenex, Claritin, Singulair and sneeze fits that test my bladder.

Spring also draws attention to the fact that I’ve procrastinated on starting my book rewrites for 2 months. Sigh… Shame…

Let’s talk about all the things I’m doing that aren’t writing.

Besides my battle with seasonal allergies…My house is nearly back together, and in fine form. I love my new floor. It always looks clean! I love not mopping everyday… or twice a day.

I also had a very successful family party in the new dressed up digs. 14 guests for St. Patrick’s day dinner. Corned beef, colcannon, the works. I hail from some very proud Irish. And it was my grandfathers, and now my husbands favorite holiday.

And does drinking leftover Jameson sours and dancing to 90s R and B while I fold laundry count as exercise? Because if it does I totally nailed my New Years goal of getting more exercise. Score! 😁

So let’s see, exercise-check, spring cleaning?-check.

Finishing my book and querying again?-

Suck it Springtime.

Cheers, Amy 😉

What are your plans for Spring?

Amy on writing

I Am Not Satisfied with the Lack of Suggestions (repost)

Time is running out!!!

Yo, Yo, Yo…

Quick Question. I know that I will donate a set percentage of my sales to a charity every month. Then I got to thinking that it would be better for me to reach out to ya’ll and ya’ll could give me your preference and help spread the word. There may be smaller, more personal to you charities that you would love to see a monthly donation go to and I would love to do so!!!

Here’s what needs to go down

The charity must benefit the mental health community.

The organizer of the charity cannot make any money off of the charity for personal gain or for employment (they cannot receive a check from the charity funds).

The charity can provide funding, assistance, therapy, education, or entertainment for those with mental illness, ie group gatherings/movie meetups, no matter the foundation reason, if the…

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Amy’s Bad Advice # 10

It’s worth what you paid for it.

This weeks long overdue bad advice involves dum dum DUM…

Home renovation…

A little backstory. After spending half a year trying to sell our house to no avail, we decided to renovate and stay forever. 4 months have passed.

And this is what I learned~

Don’t pick the cheapest stuff you can find that looks okay. Pick the nicest stuff you can afford that suits your life. For us. It was vinyl flooring. Waterproof, waterproof, and did I say waterproof.

Next, don’t skimp on the full install. Unless you are both handy and full of extra time, you will regret not letting the pros do their thing.

We thought we could do our own backsplash in the kitchen, so when this was left behind? We weren’t happy. Gorgeous holes for the quartz counters…

1200 bucks extra to repair and install the backsplash tile and the kitchen looks like this

I don’t know that we could have DIY’d this one.? note, I’m very happy.😀

Next, We thought that our old molding would be fine for the new flooring. It wasn’t. There was a huge gap between the trim and floor that we were told we could fill with quarter round. (Look it up. It’s quite hideous)

An extra 300$ for new 5’1/4 inch trim was worth it. Meets the floor and covers the old trim line.

Lastly, and most importantly. Please consider that all home renovations will most likely take more time and cost more money than you could have possibly considered. I’m not advising you to avoid it. But just do your research well first, ask questions. Say ” what would you recommend?” And try to trust that they aren’t taking you. I feel that these projects would have gone so much more smoothly.

But it’s okay. At the end of the day we have a beautiful new old house. Now I can get back to normal.

No excuses now…

Cheers, Amy