Amy on writing

As the Wind Blows

I keep waiting for something. Something major, interesting. Anything worthy of a blog post but it simply doesn’t come.

I want to bring you news! Something spectacular!

But I’m not without one thing. I have hope. I have movement. I continue to trudge along, but only as the wind blows. I’m letting it take me. No pressure.

I send my queries and check them daily but they don’t rule me anymore. I’m writing, I’m reading and connecting. It’s a good place to be.

Until something something truly spectacular happens, I’ll keep enjoying the breeze.

Until then.



19 thoughts on “As the Wind Blows”

      1. I will agree with you! And I can understand. So close but so far away…. but don’t let it be the monster that controls you!!

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  1. Hope you hear some good news. 🙂 Did I tell you I’m teaching preschool for the homeschool group?? Maybe you can give me some tips for a fun circle time! I’ve been doing it for 5 weeks but it’s only once a week. So far, really enjoying it. The kids are 3-5 yrs. I only have them for one hour. I’m actually thinking about going back to working in a preschool like I did in my college days. ( You are the blogger who does home day care, right? Lol! If not, sorry! )

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    1. I love having a letter of the week. And focus activities based on that letter. Or even a number. We also do dot art and they love gluing stuff at that age.
      Good luck. I hope you love it. Let me know what you try out.

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  2. Panic not, Amy. Remember there is no ‘off’ button on the genius setting. The subconscious uses these seemingly fallow periods to absorb ideas and inspiration to dish out to the conscious mind when one least expects it. BTW – did you know that the Welsh for ;butterfly’ is ‘pilli-palla’. Doesn’t that that make everything worthwhile?


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