Amy on writing

Write what you know

What the hell do I know? I wipe butts, sing songs about worms named Herman, read books about bears and drink 2-4 cups of coffee a day, just to keep my brain sharper than a gloop of oatmeal. I get my literature from Kobo and my news from the internet during naps and bathroom breaks or the fleeting conversations that percolate my hectic day.

So how do You turn that into a stunning tale of post apocalyptic fiction? How do You create an adventure spanning time and space and be more than one person, when you are actually just one. (despite characters having lengthy conversations in your head). Breaking down what you know and applying it to your writing is an adventure in itself. And here is what I’ve learned: I am a human being with thoughts and feelings…See it doesn’t have to be so hard. I consider my writing to be very character driven, that the third person limited expresses my voice best and that the journey is where my heart is.

Oh, and research the shit out of every single, little thing. Become an expert, an internet expert at the least. Visit the location of your setting, or bother the crap out of someone who has if you can’t. Wear the shoes of your character, are they a student? Weren’t you one too? Do they have a problem to solve? Have you ever had a problem? Been afraid? In love? Near death? No? Then ask someone, interview someone with experiences you need. Immerse yourself. Forget what separates you from your story, for even just a Moment.

8 thoughts on “Write what you know”

      1. Not all muses in my life have been positive. However, not all of those women were always negative.

        Not all women are the same, at least not in their patterns of strengths and weaknesses; certainly at least when it comes to my singular Weltenschauung.

        The intoxicated intimacy is fun while it lasts though.

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      2. The fact that you can reflect upon that with clarity is a positive. And you are correct, as a women I can tell you that we are not all the same. 😉

        Which is good because it leaves open the potential of finding someone who appreciates your singular worldview

        I am long past the enjoying of fleeting empty things, I remember finding them fun at the time but ultimately meaningless. I don’t like people as whole well enough as it is tho. So maybe that’s me.

        I appreciate the dialogue and thanks for following and reading my posts.


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